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Social Challenge 5
Prepare for a new future with the power of technology


Why it matters

In recent years, various social issues have come to the fore: rapid increase in the global population, growing severity of natural disasters, worsening of food supply and environmental problems, and in Japan, low birthrates and an aging population are leading to a rapid shrinking of the working-age population and shortage of labor. To solve these problems, significant social and economic transformations are being demanded in every society and economy, and the advancement of digital transformation utilizing ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is required in every situation.

What can be accomplished

As a leader in digital transformation, we will act and contribute to helping resolve the social challenges unique to each country. For example, the aging population, proper education, equitable healthcare, regional economic development, and long-term value through technology for the next generations.

Future vision

The NTT Group is committed to contributing to the development of society by acknowledging diverse cultures, and thus we will contribute to solving social issues by connecting people, goods, and cultures, including communities, nations, and society, while promoting high ethical standards, diversity, and inclusion in fair and equitable ways, and work towards creating a better workplace through powerful and new digital technologies.

Business Activity 16
Promoting the B2B2X Model

Our commitment

As a leader in digital transformation, we will act and contribute to helping resolve the social challenges unique to each country. For example, the aging population, proper education, equitable healthcare, regional economic development, and long-term value through technology for the next generations

Our objective

Generate ¥600 billion in B2B2X revenue by 2023
(Number of B2B2X projects: 119 (current as of end of September 2021)

Policies and Concepts

In recent years, various social issues have come to the fore: rapid increase in the global population, growing severity of natural disasters, worsening of food supply and environmental problems, and in Japan, low birthrates and an aging population are leading to a rapid shrinking of the working-age population and shortage of labor. To solve these problems, significant social and economic transformations are being demanded in every society and economy, and the advancement of digital transformation utilizing ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is required in every situation.

Collaborating with companies in different industries and local governments as Your Value Partner, the NTT Group has been applying its management resources and capabilities, including human resources, research and development, and the ICT base to promote digital transformation and resolve social issues.

Going forward, we will seek to make a greater contribution to society based on our awareness that promoting the B2B2X business model that constitutes one of the pillars of our medium-term management strategy will be particularly effective.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group has made promotion of the B2B2X business model one of the pillars of our medium-term management strategy and has been taking action by establishing a B2B2X Strategy Committee with the president as chairman to facilitate Group collaboration while expanding projects.

We are also deepening discussion about future deployment of the B2B2X business model at regularly held Board of Directors meetings and reporting on progress at general meetings of shareholders.

What is the B2B2X model?

B2B2X is a business model aimed at resolving social issues by creating new value through collaboration with various partners.

This business model aims to provide our partner's customers (users) with new value by combining the industry expertise and customer platforms of our partners with the NTT Group's "data services" and "data management technology."

Development of B2B2X business

The model is being developed as an All NTT Group initiative in areas like (1) Advancing industry value chains (2) Providing better customer service (3) Utilization of mobile data (4) Community-based service and urban development.


Facilitating collaboration with partners

  • Entered into a business alliance with Mitsubishi Corporation in December 2019 to transform industrial value chains and to generate new value through digital transformation (DX), and in July 2021 established the joint venture company "Industry One" for providing DX services.
  • Agreed to form a multi-year strategic alliance with Microsoft Corporation in December 2019 to promote the creation of a Global Digital Fabric, development of digital enterprise solutions, and co-innovation of next-generation technologies to deliver secure, reliable solutions that help enterprise customers accelerate their digital transformation.
  • Entered into a business and capital alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation in March 2020 to establish a long-term, ongoing cooperative relationship that enables the commercialization of businesses to realize smart cities that continue to evolve in accordance with resident needs.
  • The entire NTT Group is implementing initiatives aimed at achieving regional growth and developing smart cities by working with municipalities around Japan, with examples including a Community Development Partnership Agreement, concluded with Sapporo City (2015), a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement related to joint regional initiatives concluded with Fukuoka City (2015), an Agreement for Comprehensive Collaboration for developing a super-smart society by utilizing public and private data concluded with Yokohama City and Yokohama City University (2018), and a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement for future urban development concluded with Chiba City (2019).
    1. Industry One, Inc.: Company providing cross-industry DX solutions, established as joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation

Business Alliance with Mitsubishi Corporation

"Initiatives to Support DX in the Food Distribution Industry to Reduce Food Waste (inventory-optimization using demand forecast AI engine)"

Food waste is one of the most significant problems in today's food distribution industry, and is on the scale of a trillion yen annually. Industry One, Inc.*1 was established with Mitsubishi Corporation with the aim of reducing food waste caused by excess inventory, and will play a key role as part of an inventory optimization system that is being developed with partner companies.

Together with NTT DATA Corporation, a platform is being jointly developed that uses digital technologies to seamlessly and securely link data in various locations within and among companies, including information on retail, wholesale, and manufacturers' inventories, order receipts, demand forecasts and weather forecasts. A proprietary AI engine developed by Mitsubishi Corporation and MC Digital, Inc. was used in a proof-of-concept trial covering some 10,000 products resulted in a reduction in inventory of up to 40% at some distribution centers, while also successfully cutting down product shortages that tend to be the trade off when minimizing inventories.

More services are being planned to expand DX throughout Japanese industry as a way of contributing to sustainable development in food distribution while also achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Research and Development to Promote the B2B2X Model

Promoting the B2B2X business model is a central pillar of the NTT Group's initiatives contributing to the realization of a smart society. In the B2B2X model, instead of providing services to customers directly, the NTT Group supports service providers by offering ICT tools such as AI and IoT, to which various values are added before being delivered to customers. In addition, the NTT Group has been working to create B2B2X models with many partner companies and local governments. We will further develop them and advance a model that uses digital services and data management.


  • We have been working together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. to promote the transformation of manufacturing technology in the social infrastructure industry. By applying communication-grade optical fiber technology with laser processing, we have succeeded in transmitting high-power single-mode laser light, whereas, conventionally, such transmissions have been possible only up to several meters. This research success opens the door to higher efficiency and precision in laser processing while expanding applications into new fields. The technology is expected to spark innovation in manufacturing.
  • Signed a multi-year partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States as a smart sports initiative aimed at promoting NTT's latest technologies to deliver next-generation baseball viewing experience. A Proof of Concept using NTT's Ultra Reality Viewing technology (URV) was conducted in October 2019 during the post-season games of the MLB, providing the world's first successful demonstration of an immersive live-viewing experience by combining and transmitting 12K super-wide-screen video images.


Research and Development Aimed at Achieving Immersive and Natural Worlds

NTT has further evolved its Kirari!® processing technology, which aims to create worlds that provide "just like being there," ultra-high immersion experiences in real time that can be accessed anywhere. The newly developed techniques not only enable the acquisition and transmission of the images of subjects from video broadcasts, along with 3D positioning information, but also allow them to be reproduced at the destination in a pseudo-3D display that generates the sensation that the subjects also move toward and away from the viewer. This results in the achievement of an audience experience in which the subjects appear to move in three dimensions at the destination. For example, in a sports match, the technology can project a pseudo-3D display of an athlete onto a stage and give a real sense of the projected athlete moving nearer or further away through synchronization with the movements of the athlete in the actual event being broadcast.


  • In the ongoing migration from Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), we have developed fundamental technologies that enable the use of metal cables of conventional telephone networks to connect with the IP networks operated by NTT East and NTT West (next-generation networks, NGNs) through transfer switches, which connect with other carriers through IP and migrate tandem/signal switches to IP. We will continue to pursue the initiative toward its Stadium Real-time Transmission of stadium atmosphere to remote location Remote location scheduled completion.

As a Gold Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, the NTT Group implemented B2B2X model using a broad range of technologies, and rolled out technology with the potential for future B2B2X.

(1)Real-time Remote Cheering Project: Delivering real-time cheers

Providing direct support to athletes despite COVID-19. The NTT Group organized the "Tokyo 2020 Real-time Remote Cheering Project," which delivered real-time cheers from the people of Tokyo to the marathoners in Sapporo, successfully sharing space beyond distance in which even the athletes in the event venue themselves could feel the excitement, emotion, and sense of unity.

(2)Sailing: "Bring the excitement of competing on the wind and waves closer"

Until now, only binoculars or small monitors could be used to view sailing events. The sailing competition at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 was transmitted live to a massive of fshore wide screen floating near the spectators' seats using Kirari!®, the ultra-realistic communication technology that was used to synthesize video feeds from multiple cameras close to the competition and transmit them using 5G communications services. This provided a new way to experience spectator events with ultra-realistic, ultra-wide videos.

(3)Brand new sports viewing experience for golf with 5G x multi-live broadcasts

Harnessing the high-speed, high-capacity and low-latency capabilities of 5G communications means users can use their own device to select which video to watch from multiple live feeds of events located far away. Fans of golf have different preferences when it comes to watching events at the course, like watching from a fixed spot or follow their favorite players around the course. This project used 5G communications to transmit multiple video feeds of matches from all holes on the course as well as player score cards and other high-capacity event data, so that users could select which video to watch in real-time directly on their own device.

(4)"Supporting the Tokyo 2020 Games with science fiction-like technology"

The NTT Group provided "CUzo" communication technology for AR guidance to support the management of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, demonstrating how technology can be used for more natural and exciting multi-language communications. This technology assisted event staff during the games and helped to handle any issues or concerns athletes or tournament staff had in a smooth manner.

(5)5G x AR for a brand new swimming viewing experience

Event data was streamed in real-time to users' AR devices by utilizing the lowlatency capabilities of 5G technology. Event spectators wearing AR devices at venues will be able to view athlete details or times and other race information superimposed over the race playing out in front of them. Event data on sports that are decided at the one hundredth of a second level could not be transmitted with past communication technology due to issues with latency. The use of 5G communications allowed this data to be displayed in real-time, which meant spectators not only experienced the thrills directly at the venue directly, but also could also view detailed race information in a brand new type of viewing style.

(6)A new way to enjoy sports: "Badminton x Kirari!®"

NTT's Kirari!® ultra-realistic communication technology was used during badminton events at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, with networks to link up remote locations and the tournament venue in real-time. Players and shuttles were extracted from images captured at the venue, and transmitted to be displayed holographically to demonstrate this brand new way of watching badminton tournaments.

NTT was a Gold communications service partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Technology to be hot conditions

NTT played a key role dur ing global sporting events held throughout 2021 as it provided reliable communications environments protected by tough IT security measures. To achieve these goals, some 2,000 engineers worked as a team installing network infrastructure throughout sporting venues in August 2020. Yet there was the risk of workers suffering from heatstroke given that installation work had to be conducted in the midday sun. NTT's communication technology was utilized to provide a safe working environment for those performing installation work.

"Japan Walk Guide" accessibility and transportation guidance web app for people with limited mobility like wheelchair users

In cooperation with the Eco-Mo Foundation, the NTT Group developed the "Japan Walk Guide" accessibility and transportation guidance web app for sports venues using the barrier-free information collected by the All Japan Business Committee and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). This web app was launched by the Al l Japan Business Committee as a service for spectators watching sporting events and officials on July 13, 2021, with the service limited to some venues and officials. (currently not available)

Creating New Lines of Business

Initiatives in the Location Business

There is growing expectation that the connection of all things and people via the Internet will advance intellectual productivity and enhance the quality of offices and daily lives, leading to a broader use of location technologies that make this possible.

Investment in HERE Technologies

NTT will strengthen location information services as a core function of the Industrial DX Platform that is being established in collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation. As a concrete example, we will seek to develop a service that identifies optimal distribution routes by utilizing the world's largest and most accurate location information database owned by HERE Technologies to visualize vehicle locations and operational status. We are studying alliances with logistics partners involved in home delivery (last-mile delivery) and trunk line transportation (mid-mile delivery), where demand is expected to increase, toward launching several Proof of Concept projects by the end of fiscal 2020.

Capital and business tie-up with ZENRIN

NTT entered into a capital and business tie-up with ZENRIN Co., Ltd. to expand its respective businesses in the fields of infrastructure management, MaaS and autonomous vehicles as well as smart cities and contribute to the "4D digital platformR" envisioned by NTT. Beginning in fiscal 2020, we will jointly construct a high-precision Advanced Geospatial Information Database with an abundance of location information. In doing so, we will draw on the know-how of the NTT Group in high-accuracy positioning and mapping technology as well as infrastructural maintenance and management and ZENRIN expertise in the production of maps incorporating a broad range of collected information.

Providing Services that Support Healthcare Management

In April 2020, NTT Life Science launched the "Genovision®" corporate wellness support service to help companies promote healthcare management and boost employee health. In Japan, low birthrates and the aging population have led to rising medical costs, with expenses for treating lifestyle diseases accounting for a major proportion. Meanwhile, companies are being required to consider maintaining and improving employee health from a management standpoint and conduct healthcare management as part of their corporate management strategy. To address these needs, Genovision® will help improve lifestyles optimized for each individual employee by harnessing the NTT Group's accumulated technologies in ICT and security to conduct big data analysis based on healthcare data and genomic information.

Business Activity 17
Protection and respect for intellectual property

Our commitment

As a leader in digital transformation, we will act and contribute to helping resolve the social challenges unique to each country

For example, the aging population, proper education, equitable healthcare, regional economic development, and long-term value through technology for the next generations

Our objective

More than in the previous fiscal year

Number of patent applications per employee

Intellectual Property Management Our Approach to Intellectual Property

The business activities of the NTT Group are sustained by products and services derived from the results of our aggressive R&D. For this reason, we believe that appropriate protection and utilization of intellectual property generated by R&D is vital for the NTT Group to achieve continuous growth, which in turn will enable us to continue contributing to our customers and society at large. We strive to protect the intellectual property of the NTT Group and promote activities that respect the intellectual property of others in every aspect of our business activities.

System of Intellectual Property Management

NTT protects the results of its R&D to maintain its competitive edge but at the same time makes its intellectual property available to a wider audience by licensing technologies that would contribute to the development of industries and businesses as well as standardized technologies that are already used in society.

Under the leadership of the NTT Intellectual Property Center, NTT has established policies for intellectual property activities involving the entire NTT Group and also provides support and coordination for the use and management of intellectual properties, aggregates the opinions within the Group on the intellectual property system and disseminates information outside the Group.

Protection of Third Party Intellectual Property

In order to prevent the infringement of domestic and overseas third party rights, NTT examines the third party rights of technologies used in our business at every step from the early stage of research and development up to the provision of the developed technologies to Group companies. NTT also strives to enhance the Group's compliance with intellectual property laws and regulations in Japan and abroad and mitigate potential business risks by sharing among the Group companies information on system amendments, and trends concerning intellectual property including disputes and court cases.

NTT Intellectual Property Center

External Utilization of R&D Outcomes

Since its founding, NTT has promoted cutting edge technological development as a leading company in the information communication industry. For this reason, we own a vast number of patents.

NTT licenses its proprietary technologies so that they can be used broadly by all for the benefit of the telecommunications market as well as other markets. For example, as part of our initiatives for standardization, we efficiently promote the spread of technology by licensing patents on standardizations to many companies through various patent pools.

IP Open Access Declaration Against COVID-19

Recognizing the need to contain the spread of COVID-19, the NTT Group expressed its consistent support for the IP Open Access Declaration Against COVID-19 in May 2020 and declared that it will "not assert any patent, utility model, design or copyright (hereinafter referred to as the "Intellectual Property Rights") against any individual or other entity during the period starting with the date of this declaration and ending on the date on which the World Health Organization declares that the COVID-19 outbreak no longer constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, with respect to activities whose sole purpose is stopping the spread of COVID-19, such as diagnosis, prevention, containment, and treatment of COVID-19." NTT discloses its licensing policy and procedures along with detailed information on its R&D activities and technological licenses.


R&D Activity

NTT Technology Licensing Site

Licensing policies and procedure

Participation in the "IP Open Access Declaration Against COVID-19"

Participation in Intellectual Property Matching Events Organized by Local Governments and Organizations

In an effort to help vitalize regional business structures, we actively participate in intellectual property (IP) matching events sponsored by local governments to offer licensing agreements that enable local companies to use NTT's proprietary technologies in developing their own products. In the case of a company based in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, we signed a licensing agreement through a matching event organized by Kawasaki City and the Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion that has enabled the company to use NTT's patented technology to provide a new service starting in 2019. We are committed to continue contributing to the vitalization of regional economies through this initiative.


Selected as "Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovator" for 10 consecutive years

The results of R&D, which plays a major role in the creation of intellectual property for NTT Group, has translated into ownership of approximately 17,900 patents around the world in a wide range of technological fields. NTT Intellectual Property Center is putting more effort into filing patent application in foreign countries with the intention of reinforcing the global operations of NTT Group.

Clarivate Analytics, which analyzes trends in intellectual property based on patent filings, has selected the NTT Group as a Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovator, which names the world's most innovative companies and institutions, for ten consecutive years, in recognition of NTT Group's activities and track record on this front.


Reinforce and Globalize Research and Development
Policies and Concepts

As ICT companies leading the world, the NTT Group recognizes R&D as a material issue that gives Group companies their competitive edge. R&D supports the digital transformation of our customers and lifestyle transformations tailored to individuals, and the R&D department works with operating companies to develop new technologies that provide the wellspring for new value creation in a variety of domains to enhance the NTT Group's R&D, a pillar of our medium-term management strategy.

The NTT Group seeks to overcome numerous problems involving safety, disaster readiness, and the improvement of productivity through R&D and, as a result, strengthen industrial competitiveness and resolve social issues. Since ICT is applied in a variety of fields, we are forging partnerships with counterparts in wide-ranging industries as we pursue our R&D initiatives.

Organization for Implementation

With respect to R&D undertaken by the NTT Group, NTT's three laboratory groups are responsible for conducting basic research that serves as the backbone of telecommunications, such as basic and component technologies related to services and networks, while each operating company conducts applied research that is more closely related to its business. Also, we promote general producer activities, in which we formulate marketing and business plans and forge alliances so that the results of research by NTT laboratories can be transformed into Group businesses.
In these general producer activities, we seek to develop business in a timely manner by combining the wide-ranging basic technologies of NTT laboratories with external technologies in collaboration with Group companies and with various other companies to create new services. In order for innovation to continually be an important driver of the NTT Group well into the future, we will aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting innovations for social issues. These efforts will include patent applications and the publication of scientific papers.


Enhance and Globalize R&D

The NTT Group is advancing innovative research and development that drives change worldwide while stepping up basic research at overseas centers.

Specifically, we will use the research centers established overseas to strengthen joint research with a varied range of research bodies, actively utilize the latest external technologies, and increase investment in research on new growth fields.

We will also promote the global rollout of R&D results and globalization of research targets.

More specifically, in July 2019 we opened NTT Research, Inc., which operates three research laboratories, in Silicon Valley in the United States for the purpose of reinforcing fundamental research. We have launched a collaboration with universities and research institutes in the United States and Europe in the fields of quantum computational science, medical/health/healthcare, and basic cryptography/blockchain. We will further globalize our research and development by opening research centers in areas around the world, starting with Silicon Valley.

To concentrate efforts on IOWN research and development, we established IOWN Global Forum, Inc., a new industry forum based in the United States, together with Intel Corporation and Sony Corporation in January 2020, which expanded to include 79 member organizations as of October 31, 2021.

The creation and utilization of photonicselectronics convergence technology that combines optical and electric signals will be key to the development of IOWN. The "NTT IOWN Integrated Innovation Center" was established on July 1, 2021 in order to advance development and accelerate the creation and utilization of these technologies.

NTT also assembled researchers who are known authorities in their respective fields to form the NTT R&D Authority Team. These researchers take part in R&D activities at NTT to contribute to the development of IOWN and help shape our vision after making this concept a reality. Specifically, they are responsible for driving research in their fields of expertise by directing, providing guidance, and advising activities regarding research themes. As one facet of our efforts to accelerate R&D from a long-term perspective, NTT established the new Institute for Fundamental Mathematics, headed by Dr. Masato Wakayama, a member of the NTT R&D Authority Team who serves as the Fundamental Mathematics Research Principal. It will work on establishing a basic theoretical framework for modern mathematics and will accelerate research towards innovation in quantum technology by challenging to uncover the basic principles behind the superior power of quantum computing. It will also seek to contribute to NTT's R&D aimed at achieving IOWN by proposing the use of modern mathematics in groundbreaking new approaches to addressing various research problems, including the elucidation of unknown diseases and the discovery of new drugs.


Promoting Other Cutting-Edge Research

  • In collaboration with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, we achieved an all-optical switch that operates at ultra-high speeds while using the lowest energy consumption in the world. By combining a technology called plasmonics for guiding light into a nano-sized optical pathway with graphene, which has excellent optical properties, we achieved ultra-high-speed switching operation with low energy consumption that exceeds the potential of electronic control. We plan to utilize this technology for ultra-high-speed control of future optical integrated circuits for information processing.

  • We successfully developed a method of rebuilding microscopic nerve cell fibers at a micrometer to millimeter scale by forcing graphene, a sheet of carbon material, to spontaneously adapt to a three-dimensional cylindrical structure and culturing nerve cells inside it over a long period of time. This is expected to lead to new bio-device applications such as a fundamental technology for reconstructive surgery using stem cells, a manufacturing technology for the flexible stimulation of electrodes implanted in damaged tissues, and a technology to create tissues for pharmaceutical screening.

  • With large capacity optical networks expected to evolve further to facilitate the widespread use of IoT and 5G services, we are newly developing our own digital signal processing and ultra-broadband optical device technologies, and we have become the first in the world to successfully test the longdistance transmission of a wavelength division multiplexed optical signal. We also successfully used two technologies for large-volume wireless transmission, as mentioned in Business Activity 2 Increasing the Capacity of Optical Fiber Communication Networks.

  • In cooperation with Hokkaido University and the City of Iwamizawa, toward achieving unmanned, fully automated operation in agricultural equipment using remote monitoring, we have started testing an optimal positioning and positional information transmission method, optimal network technology, collection of IoT device data, and AI analysis.

  • NTT concluded an agreement with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for implementing an ultra-high-speed, high-capacity, secure optical/wireless network infrastructure to seamlessly connect land and space. In preparation for merging the technologies of both entities to create social infrastructure, the two parties are undertaking joint research in areas such as optical wireless communications in space, next-generation Earth observation, and communication between ground stations and low Earth orbit satellites.

  • As part of our efforts to enable communications beneath the surface of the sea where radio waves cannot easily penetrate, we achieved subsurface communication speeds of 1 Mbit/s, a double-digit improvement over current levels by using ultrasound MIMO multiplexing technology to overcome variations in the subsurface propagation path.

NTT Ressearch and Development

Business Activity 18
Contribution to the revitalization of local communities and economies

Our commitment

As a leader in digital transformation, we will act and contribute to helping resolve the social challenges unique to each country

For example, the aging population, proper education, equitable healthcare, regional economic development, and long-term value through technology for the next generations

Our objective


Development rate of 5G infrastructure maintenance (by FY2023)

Contributing to the Vitalization of Regional Societies and Economies

• NTT ArtTechnology Corporation was established in December 2020 to protect various tangible and intangible cultural and artistic assets, and to promote the appeal of regions both domestically and abroad by broadly spreading new online-based styles of cultural and artistic appreciation.

• Provided a simple and secure online storage service for SMEs. "Cowork Storage" was released in March 2021 to provide a more flexible and extensive service with file sharing functions to build secure computing environments, and used in a similar way to NAS or file servers.

• Established Co-Designing Institute for Polyphonic Society in July 2021 to promote regional vitalization by providing consulting services aimed at supporting the activities of municipalities, companies, organizations and other associated groups (local communities, public private partnerships) that are facing issues achieving revitalization at a local level.

• Established NTT EDX in October 2021, for improving higher education with the aim of developing an educational ICT platform and other electronic textbook and online learning services.

Advancing Personalization by Supporting the Transformation of Lifestyles

We support customers as they transform everdiversifying lifestyles by providing personal solutions centered on DOCOMO that closely align with individual needs. Subscribers*1 to Gigaho and Gigalight, which are simplified and reasonable billing plans introduced in June 2019, totaled 17.87 million as of the end of June 2020.

In terms of service, we are enhancing electronic payment and contents while utilizing AI and big data to improve communication with every customer.

Promoting Digital Transformation

We are raising operational efficiency by introducing robotic process automation (RPA)*2. The operational process has been adopted in approximately 2,900 cases within the NTT Group as of the end of June 2020. We are also recommending the use of RPA among our customers, and more than around 5,200 of them have adopted the process as of the end of June 2020. We also sought to advance our Group management by actively introducing a unified enterprise resource planning (ERP)*3 system for our personnel, finance, and procurement operations.

  1. The number of subscribers is the combined total for the Gigaho, Gigalight, 5G Gigaho, 5G Gigalight, Keitai Plan, Kids Keitai Plan, Data Plus and 5G Data Plus billing plans.
  2. Solution for automating operations previously handled by humans by establishing procedural rules to replace humans with robots.
  3. Management method for implementing centralized management of corporate resources to achieve optimization across the entire company.

Initiatives for the Realization and Deployment of 5G

We launched our commercial 5G services in March 2020, and we will provide billing plans such as 5G Gigaho and 5G Gigalight, seven types of 5G devices, services in the gaming, music and sports genres, and solutions that contribute to advancing industry and driving digital transformation.

Furthermore, we are promoting initiatives that will increase convenience and enrich people's lives by creating new value and offering solutions for social issues toward our goal of introducing 5G services in more than around 500 cities by the end of fiscal 2021.

Initiatives for Universal Design*1

The NTT Group actively encourages the broader adoption of universal design, which ensures that products and services are easy for all customers to use, regardless of age, gender or physical abilities.

※1Products and services that can be used by senior citizens, children, persons with disabilities, and foreign visitors facing language barriers (includes expanded functions)


Establishment of the NTT Group Web Accessibility Policy

The NTT Group is working to ensure and improve the accessibility of its websites for a wide spectrum of customers, including senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Specifically, the Group established the NTT Group Web Accessibility Policy. The policy for official websites of the Group companies with head office functions in Japan is set according to JIS X 8341-3:2016*1 and each works to comply*2 with Level AA.

NTT Group "Web Accessibility" Initiatives

User-Friendly Service Lineup

We offer a broad range of discount services for various users, including senior citizens and persons with special needs, to facilitate access to ICT services.

Special discounts on dedicated lines for educational facilities (NTT East and NTT West)

Since January 2001, NTT East and NTT West have offered special fees for schools on FLET'S services suitable for using the Internet at a fixed sum in an effort to promote educational use of the Internet.

Discounts on mobile phone use for persons with special needs (NTT DOCOMO)

NTT DOCOMO offers the Hearty Discount programs for encouraging more social participation by persons with disabilities.

※1JIS X 8341-3:2016: "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities--information and telecommunications equipment, software and services-- Part 3: Web content" of Japanese Industrial Standards

※2Refers to compliance with the description defined in the "Compliance Performance Announcement Guidelines for JIS X 8341-3:2016. March 2016 Edition (published on March 22, 2016)" of the Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee, Info-communication Access Council. This means that we have established and disclosed an accessibility policy and confirmed that the pages fulfilled all the requirements through the tests implemented and based on JIS X 8341-3:2016.

Mieru Denwa Speech-Text Cheering Service

We provided a new way for fans to send their support to athletes, by converting audio of their "cheers" to text.

NTT DOCOMO's "Mieru Denwa" service, which converts speech of the person on the phone to text in real time, was utilized to convert messages of support sent from all around Japan with the speech recognition function and shown on the display in the Olympic village plaza (in 8 languages).

This service was initially developed to assist with communications of users with hearing impairments, and was applied during the games to send messages of support to athletes staying in the Olympic village. This project maximized the feature of communications technology that allows people in remote locations to communicate with others in a non-contact manner, and has even been proposed as a new way of supporting athletes during events after COVID-19 subsides.

NTT was a Gold communications service partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Policies and Concepts to Pursue Customer Satisfaction

The NTT Group serves various customers, from general consumers to corporate customers, providing a broad range of products and services.

Its main business fields, the telecommunications and ICT industries, continue to innovate, producing new products and services. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets continue to evolve almost daily, giving rise to a number of new services utilizing the NTT Group's network. At the same time, with the evolution of technology and services, the amount of information needed to use them has increased, and this has also increased opportunities for us to receive various confirmations, inquiries, feedback and requests from customers with regard to device malfunctions and questions about various fees and services.

The NTT Group believes that resolving customers' concerns or questions about the services they use and maintaining a high level of satisfaction for all customers will foster a relationships of trust with customers and lead to the acquisition of new customers.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group companies have built a system for making operational improvements that will lead to reductions in the time taken to respond to customers, enhancing products and services, and influencing development based on the voice of customers received through surveys, the Customer Services Center, and other departments. In turn, we work toward developing and providing services closely in tune with the voice of our customers. Specifically, we work continuously to improve our year-overyear results for the KPIs of the reduction in waiting and customer service times at DOCOMO shops, the number of improvements made based on suggestions from customers, and the response rate of our call centers, which will give rise to a positive cycle of improvement.

The NTT Group will keep on making efforts to raise the level of customer satisfaction, including service quality and on-site responsiveness required by customers, in conjunction with the business operations of individual NTT Group companies.

Main Initiatives

Customer Contact Points

Each Group company has set up a call center that responds to customer inquiries on products and services, requests for repairs, and complaints. Major call centers of the NTT Group receive over 180,000 calls each day and endeavor to respond promptly to customers. Each call center has set its own targets aimed at improving response rates and enhancing the quality of responses and support. They also engage in various efforts including telephone response competitions and training to enhance skills for providing better responses.

COVID-19 Outbreak and Support for Customers

In March 2020, NTT Group companies announced their policy of extending payment dates upon request from customers facing difficulties in paying for services on time, and this policy was extended through to the end of November 2021.

Recognizing that the government's stay home request created an environment that made it difficult for customers to use their d POINTS, NTT DOCOMO decided to reactivate d POINTS that expired between March and May 2020 and award them to customers, effectively extending their expiration dates.

In light of schools implementing remote classes and online education, a partial waiver of data communication fees was announced to support the use of smartphones for online learning. NTT Group companies have also been supporting telework, education, and health by setting up customer contact points and providing some services free of charge as initiatives. At the same time, the NTT Group has been using the way cell phones connect to analyze demographic changes caused by government policies addressing the spread of COVID-19 and providing information to central and local governments and the media.

Reflecting the Voice of Customers

The NTT Group listens to the voice of its customers, including their opinions and requests, through its call centers. Each Group company has constructed a system for reflecting the voice of customers in making operational upgrades and improving and developing products and services, and they are making an active effort in related activities as well.

For example, NTT Communications collects the voice of customers through various contact points in an effort to reinforce initiatives for enhancing services and improving operational processes. This includes not only annual surveys, but also soliciting customer feedback at the time of application and during various support processes.

For more information on these initiatives, please refer to each company's website, Sustainability Report, and other materials.

NTT East "Service with a Smile" activities

NTT West "Customers First" activities

NTT Communications "For Increased Customer Satisfaction"

NTT DOCOMO "Initiatives That Utilize Feedback from Customers"

"Mobile Spatial Statistics®"

A new approach to population statistics capable of monitoring Japan's entire population 24-hours a day, all year round, based on service data of around 82 million*1 DOCOMO subscribers. As society moves toward a new type of lifestyle aimed at avoiding crowded places due to the increase in COVID-19 infections, DOCOMO InsightMarketing, Inc. released the Mobile Spatial Statistics Population Map from May 2020, which showed the nationwide distribution of people in real-time. This technology was used by countless people and helped to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections.

※1As of the end of March 2021, excludes corporate and other contracts.