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NTT Group CSR Charter

NTT Group has been working to achieve sustained growth through the resolution of social issues by referring to the NTT Group CSR Charter as its basic principles. The charter consists of a statement of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, and the four CSR goals that outline specific priority aspects of our CSR activities.

NTT Group CSR Charter

CSR Message

We as the NTT Group will take initiatives in solving social issues through our business activities, as "Your Valued Partner", and will contribute to creating a safe, secure and sustainable society.

CSR Theme

1.Enrich Society

We will contribute to creating a more prosperous and smarter society with a sustainable development focus and by solving various current social issues and new social issues resulting from future innovation around the world by enabling our clients digital transformation.

2.Protect Environment

We will reduce our environmental impact throughout our business, and will take the initiative in reducing the current environmental issues of society by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to help resolve this worldwide challenge.

3.Safety and Security

We provide ICT services that support society and help ensure safety, information security and privacy and will provide reliable ICT solutions that are resistant to physical or cyber attacks and designed for fast recovery from any disasters.

4.United NTT

We, as NTT, will always work with a high ethical perspective, respect for human rights and awareness of our partners as well as creating a safe working environment with respect for diversity and individual growth, and the creation of healthy communities.

(May 24, 2019 revised)

NTT Group CSR Charter introduction video

Introduce various activities of NTT Group's on video.