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Group management measures

Environmental Management System

The NTT Group has been seeking to introduce environmental management systems (EMS) including voluntary programs in addition to ISO 14001 certification and Eco-Action 21. Additionally, when including Eco Action 21 and voluntary programs, more than 90% of our business sites have introduced EMS.

To improve operational efficiency of obtaining and maintaining certifications, which includes guarantees from external auditing institutions, we also support the construction and maintenance of EMS through internal audits by employees with environmental auditor qualifications. Many NTT Group employees are qualified as auditors, including lead auditors, and sharing the list of auditors within the Group has enabled us to conduct mutual internal audits and thereby optimize the cost of maintaining the EMS.

Status of ISO 14001 Certification Acquisition (employee coverage)

Status of ISO 14001 Certification Acquisition
(employee coverage)

Disseminating Environmental Activities Policies and Measures among Employees

NTT Group conducts environmental education to disseminate NTT Group policies and measures among employees and develop a shared understanding of Group-wide activities for promoting environmental protection. In fiscal 2019, we also provided training related to the Group's environmental activities for all employees, such as group training and e-learning.

The NTT Environmental Protection Office organizes environmental education for staff in charge of environmental issues at each Group company and has been holding study sessions every year since fiscal 2001. Along with lectures for disseminating our environmental policies and sharing outstanding issues, we invite outside lecturers to speak on recent topics. These study sessions are intended for the NTT Group throughout Japan and are therefore offered via a teleconferencing system so that staff in remote areas can attend and ask questions through two-way connections.

In fiscal 2019, we invited experts on environmental management and CSR to explain the SDGs and ESG and to speak about environmental management. Furthermore, related staff in Group companies introduced their environmental initiatives with the aim of promoting environmental activities at each Group company.

  • education for staff

  • education for staff