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May 10, 2017

International Triathlon Union
Japan Triathlon Union
Organizing Committee for the ITU World Triathlon Yokohama
NTT Group

Triathlon Tracking System Trial

The NTT Group (comprising the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates), the International Triathlon Union (ITU), and the Japan Triathlon Union (JTU) will trial a live tracking system (hereinafter, "the system") capable of gathering and transmitting race data in real time at the 2017 ITU World Triathlon Yokohama to be held on May 13-14, 2017 (hereinafter "WTS Yokohama 2017").

This trial, the first to be conducted at a World Triathlon Series event, is being undertaken with a view to introducing the system by 2020, and aims to enhance triathlon events, including paratriathlon races, by improving convenience for competitors and organizers, as well as providing a more compelling spectator experience.

ITU, JTU, and the NTT Group will jointly examine the trial results and work towards introduction of the system for all nine events in the World Triathlon Series from 2018 onwards.

1.Overview of the Live Tracking System and the Trial

Athletes are fitted with special sensors, and the system uses Wi-Fi antennas along the course to gather data on position, speed, etc. By collecting data in real time and promptly transmitting information to the media, the system enables a new level of spectator experience.

The trial at WTS Yokohama 2017 will focus on cycling and running competition for elite male and female triathletes to verify the precision of uploaded time data, transmission time lag, etc. The system is being developed on the basis of the digital service that Dimension Data, an NTT Group company, provided at the 2016 Tour de France. For further details, watch the video at: in New Window

Live Tracking System: Scope of Operation

Live Tracking System: Scope of Operation

Athlete fitted with special sensorAthlete fitted with special sensor

Wi-Fi antennaWi-Fi antenna

2.Future of the Live Tracking System

ITU, JTU, and the NTT Group will jointly examine the results of the trial at WTS Yokohama 2017 and work towards introduction of the system for all nine events in the World Triathlon Series from 2018 onwards. They will also examine introduction of live tracking for swimming competition.

Appendix: Organizational Roles

The roles each organization will play in the live tracking system trial are outlined below:


Decision-making and organizational coordination for the trial


Implementation of the trial and coordination with ITU

Dimension Data

Provision of live tracking system

Dimension Data Japan

Technical support at WTS Yokohama 2017 to construct live tracking system

NTT East

  • Construction of Wi-Fi environment at the Yokohama course
  • Local operational support for the trial

NTT Communications

Provision of course-side Internet environment for Wi-Fi data transmission


Overall project support for the trial


Mr. Sakura

Mr. Kodama
(+81) 3-5469-5401

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