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May 12, 2021

Reorganization of NTT Laboratories

Tokyo - May 12, 2021 - NTT Corporation (TYO:9432) today announced a plan to establish the "IOWN1 Integrated Innovation Center" on July 1, 2021 in order to strengthen its research and development capabilities toward the realization of the IOWN concept and 6G.
Hidehiro Tsukano, Corporate Adviser of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, will be appointed as the Head of the IOWN Integrated Innovation Center.


The IOWN concept announced in May 2019 aims to develop an innovative network and information processing platform using photonics-electronics convergence technologies in 2030. NTT is studying use cases and technical specifications in cooperation with global leading companies participating in the IOWN Global Forum2, and is conducting research and development to achieve these goals at its laboratories. In addition, we will reorganize our laboratories since it is necessary to carry out flexible and integrated research and development that transcends the barriers of conventional technology fields. We will accelerate our research and development to realize the IOWN concept in collaboration with many companies in Japan and overseas.

Outline of Reorganization

  1. As an organization under the direct control of the president, we will newly establish the "IOWN Integrated Innovation Center" which will be responsible for the research and development of products that will lead to the realization of the IOWN concept. Under this new organization, we will also establish three centers: the "Network Innovation Center", the "Software Innovation Center", and the "Device Innovation Center".
  2. Three new research institutes, "Human Informatics Laboratories", "Social Informatics Laboratories" and "Computer & Data Science Laboratories" will be established under the control of the Service Innovation Laboratory Group in order to accelerate research and development with the goal of creating essential value required in the future society. Consequently, the "Service Evolution Laboratories", "Media Intelligence Laboratories" and "Secure Platform Laboratories" will be abolished.
  3. The "Network Technology Laboratories" will be consolidated into the "Network Service Systems Laboratories" under the control of the Information Network Laboratory Group in order to accelerate research and development of network systems toward IOWN, such as the All Photonics Network and integration of fixed-mobile communication networks.

Implementation date

July 1, 2021

1IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) is a future communication infrastructure that realizes a smart world and utilizes the latest optical and information processing technologies.

2IOWN Global Forum: other window

Exhibit: Organization chart of NTT Corporation (Scheduled for July 1, 2021)

Organization chart of NTT Corporation (Scheduled for July 1, 2021)

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