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May 31, 2021

Founders’ Association of the
Council for New Industry Creation through Quantum Technology

Inaugural Meeting Held for the Founders' Association of the Council for New Industry Creation through Quantum Technology
-Readying to establish the Council this summer, aiming to build Japan as a "quantum technology innovation-oriented nation" -

Today in Tokyo, 11 companies spanning Japan's industrial landscape, aiming to transform the future of Japan's business and industry through quantum technology, joined together to hold the inaugural meeting of the Founders' Association of the Council for New Industry Creation through Quantum Technology (hereinafter "the Founders' Association"). Their goal is to promote a nationwide organization that harnesses the diverse capabilities and strengths of Japan to the creation of new industries resting on quantum technology.
  As a first step, they will prepare for the formal summer launch of the Council for New Industry Creation through Quantum Technology (hereinafter "the Council") by inviting the participation of companies and experts.

Since the 1980s, it has become increasingly clear that the capabilities of quantum technology far surpass those of classical mechanics, as existing technologies approach their limit, and the resulting development of quantum-based technologies has really borne fruit in the 21st century.
 The quantum age is now approaching a major turning point as applications of related technologies make progress toward 2050, when the realization of fault-tolerant quantum computing is expected. In readiness for this, Japan will leverage its current strengths in technology, and by using computing, communications and simulation technologies to create industries, including highly innovative services, it aims to position itself as a quantum-technology-innovation-oriented nation.

The Council will promote the application of quantum technologies to the nationwide creation of new industries over the medium to long term. Personnel from industry, academia and government will work together to go back to the basics of quantum mechanics, and to investigate and make recommendations on application of the technology and the required industrial structure, systems and rules. Through these activities, the Council will promote the application of new technologies and realization of the necessary technology base, with the aim of channeling advances in science and technology into promoting Japanese industry and reinforcing its international competitiveness.
 The Founders' Association will invite the participation of companies and experts who endorse these aims and initiatives.

The Founders' Association Participating Companies (random order)

JSR Corporation
Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc.
Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
Toshiba Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation
NEC Corporation
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Hitachi, Ltd.
Fujitsu Limited
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

Objectives and main activities of the Council

Return to the basics of quantum mechanics in order to ensure a correct understanding, identify applicability, and ultimately bring it into industrial applications.

(1)Investigate and research trends in quantum technology
Investigate and research general trends in quantum technology, and share information among top management within industry

(2)Investigate, research, and propose industrial applications of quantum technology
Investigate and research applicability in multiple fields

(3)Investigate and examine quantum-related technologies
Investigate, examine and share information on materials and devices required for quantum computers and quantum communications

(4)Investigate, plan, and make proposal for required human resources
Investigate, plan, make proposals and exchange opinions on how to develop the human resources needed to make full use of quantum technology

(5)Investigate and examine systems and rules
Investigate and examine necessary information on intellectual property and standardization, ethics and trust required for the implementation of quantum technology

Raise public awareness, make policy recommendations, etc.

Information is current as of the date of issue of the individual press release.
Please be advised that information may be outdated after that point.