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July 8, 2021

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

JTOWER and NTT West announced tower carve outs for Infra-Sharing

The expansion of 5G networks, which will take an important role of social infrastructure in the future, is expected to need the deployments of an enormous number of base stations compared to 4G. JTOWER Inc. ("JTOWER") and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation ("NTT") have been considering measures including the utilization of existing infrastructures in order to provide efficient and economical Infra-Sharing solutions that contribute to the telecommunications industry.

As part of these initiatives, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation ("NTT West") signed the master transaction agreement to sell 71 owned telecommunications towers to JTOWER.
 The contracts of the existing tenants of each tower will be successively transferred from NTT West to JTOWER from September 2021.

<Image of tower carveouts transaction>

Image of tower carveouts transaction

<Roles of each company>

In addition to the indoor Infra-Sharing and the outdoor tower sharing, JTOWER has positioned the carve out of existing towers owned by telecommunications companies as one of its key growth strategies. Going forward, JTOWER will further expand carve out transactions for telecommunications towers owned by telecommunications companies. As an Infra-Sharing provider, we will promote the effective use of socially important telecommunications infrastructures by strengthening our business activities to attract telecommunications companies, including mobile network operators. This will lead to the early development of 5G networks, the optimization of capital expenditures, and the resolution of social issues such as the reduction of environmental impact. JTOWER will promote socially meaningful businesses that bring value to all stakeholders.

NTT Group will provide JTOWER and telecommunications companies attracted by JTOWER with assets owned by NTT Group, such as optical fibers required for 5G networks and NTT's telephone office building spaces required for the installation of telecommunications equipment. In addition, NTT Group will leverage its many years of experience in the telecommunications business to support operations such as the construction and maintenance of telecommunications network, to contribute to the early development of 5G networks and the optimization of capital expenditures.

Image of telecommunications tower <Image of telecommunications tower>

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