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October 21, 2021

NTT's Contribution to Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020
- From the perspectives of Telecommunication Services with Cybersecurity -.

Tokyo - October 21, 2021 - NTT Corporation (TYO:9432), as a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner, provided telecommunications services, network security for telecommunication services and various cybersecurity measures. As a result of these efforts, NTT is pleased to announce that NTT contributed to the stable operation of the Games, including no cyber incidents that affected the operation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

1. Telecommunications Services supporting the stable operation of the Games

NTT provided critical communication services for operating the Games. It provided a broadcasting network to connect Games venues with the Tokyo Big Sight that served as an International Broadcast Centre (IBC) , as well as various systems for running the event and data network services for the system to release game results to the media, supporting steady operation of the event.
 NTT built LAN for the venues, including the 43 Games venues, IBC, the Main Press Centre and the Olympic Village, providing various communication services including distributing videos and land lines to associates. All Games venues were turned to 5G mobile networks, whose commercial services had started in 2020 in Japan, to offer mobile phone services.

Reference: The number of NTT staff supporting telecommunication services for the Games

  1. 650 at the Games venues
  2. 350 at the Technology Operations Center
  3. 90 at the Security Operations Center
  4. Total 10,000 NTT staff supporting the Games (including ①-③staff and NTT's partner companies)

2. The results of cybersecurity operations during the Games

  • While the cyber security of the Tokyo 2020 Games was considered to be more threatening than in the past, NTT implemented network security measures for communication services and various cyber security measures during the Games.
  • The total number of security events that were blocked during the Games including unauthorized communications to the official website, was 450 million.
  • During the Games, unauthorized communications targeting vulnerabilities in terminals were observed, but NTT responded by blocking the communications.

NTT believe that this success can be attributed to the following four T's.factors:

  • T1: Threat Intelligence & Monitoring
    Drawing on the lessons learned from the large-scale international events (Malware attacks, operational information stealing, APT attacks) to date, we have strengthened our crisis management by strengthening the collection and monitoring of threat information from the Tokyo 2020 Games network system and general external information.
  • T2: Total Security Solution
    Responding to the complexity of the ICT environment at the Tokyo 2020 Games, NTT maintained a "Cyber Hygiene" environment by adopting a whitelist (enumerating only possible communication protocols) format while taking advantage of the NTT Group's comprehensive security solutions.
  • T3: Talent, Mind & Formation
    Through a training program and repeated verification of simulated attacks, the team members were able to acquire the complexity of the Tokyo 2020 Games ICT environment and raised awareness of preventive maintenance.
  • T4: Team 2020 -Stakeholders Management.
    Through collaboration with public organizations such as ICT service providers, critical infrastructure, the International Olympic Committee, and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, we carried out timely and close information coordination, which can be described as Team 2020.

3. Presentation Material

NTT is a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner (Telecommunications Services)

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