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November 10, 2021


Establishment of NTT Group Global Sustainability Charter
- Towards a Sustainable Society -

Tokyo, Japan - November 10, 2021 - NTT Corporation (NTT) officially announced the restructuring of its existing CSR Charter and has established the NTT Group Global Sustainability Charter. Based on this charter, the NTT Group will promote various initiatives to support our commitment towards a sustainable society. The IOWN concept will support these initiatives enabled by high ethical standards and cutting-edge technologies and innovation. The NTT Group will promote corporate and economic growth and, at the same time, will contribute to resolving social issues to realize a sustainable society.

1. Background

For a sustainable society, we need to consider current and future issues that will challenge us. These challenges include global and local social problems, environmental obligations, future epidemics and natural disasters, equitable economic prosperity, human rights issues, and technology's power for good or harm.

2. Vision of a sustainable society

To help realize this harmonious society, the NTT Group has developed our Sustainability Charter based on the concept of moving towards "Self as We." In other words, moving from standalone individuals or isolated groups and towards diverse cultures and communities that are highly connected. This approach is based on enabling our connection to all things, including other people, goods, nature, and technology. We will maximize society's wellbeing and achieve a more sustainable future when we create these positive connections.

3. Outline of initiatives

The three themes, nine challenges and thirty business activities are:

three themes nine challenges thirty business activities
Ensuring the
coexisting of
nature and
Moving towards a decarbonized society ① Promoting energy conservation
② Reducing power consumption by introducing IOWN technologies
③ Developing and expanding the use of renewable energy
④ Providing new services that contribute to carbon neutrality
⑤ Creating innovative environmental and energy technologies
A commitment to a resource-recycling future ⑥ Increasing the reuse and recycling of communications equipment, mobile terminals, and other technologies
⑦ Reduction of plastic use and promotion of recycling
⑧ Proper treatment, storage and management of hazardous waste
⑨ Appropriate and efficient management of water resources
A future where people and nature are in harmony ⑩ Thoroughly implementing environmental assessment
⑪ Contributing to natural ecosystem conservation
prosperity for all
people and
Establish shared ethical standards ⑫ Establishing and thoroughly complying with ethical standards
⑬ Appropriately managing conduct risk
⑭ Thoroughly reinforcing corporate governance and compliance
⑮ Sharing high ethical standards with business partners
Prepare for a new future with the power of technology ⑯ Promoting the B2B2X model
⑰ Protection and Respect for Intellectual Property
⑱ Contribution to the revitalization of local communities and economies
Moving towards a safe, secure, and resilient society ⑲ Ensuring the stability and reliability of services
⑳ Strengthening information security and personal information protection
㉑ Promoting a decentralized society based on remote work.
wellbeing for all
Respect for human rights ㉒ Compliance with the NTT Group Policy on Human Rights
㉓ Encouraging society as a whole to respect human rights
Diversity&Inclusion ㉔ Promoting recruitment, training, and education of diverse human resources and women's advancement in the workplace
㉕ Encouraging of understanding of LGBTQ and promoting the advancement of disabled people
㉖ Support for balancing work and life such as childcare and nursing care
Creating new work style models ㉗ Promoting remote work and other workplace models
㉘ Achieving zero fatal accidents as well as maintaining and promoting employees' health
㉙ Supporting autonomous capacity development
㉚ Promoting paperless operations

4. Process for selecting material issues

The NTT Group will discuss and select material issues on a global basis and act on them. The NTT Group evaluates its priorities based on the two axes of resolving social issues and the impact on NTT's business. It also incorporates the opinions of third parties from a global perspective, deliberates at the Sustainability Committee level, and approves at the Board of Directors.

5. Management System

The NTT Group has established the Sustainability Committee under the Board of Directors chaired by the Chief Executive Officer to discuss sustainability strategies, the status of implementation of activities, information disclosure, and promote the overall initiatives. In addition, we will include in executive compensation measurements results for (1) carbon neutrality, (2) B2B2X revenue (3) diversity and inclusion, in addition to the conventional financial measurements.

6.Stakeholder Engagement

The NTT Group promotes engagement with both employees and all stakeholders.

7. Reference Material

  1. "Self as We"
    "I" is supported by "we" (all beings, including people, goods, and technology) through the connections among diverse people, goods, and technology.
  2. bicyclic world
    The idea that the world, which forms a culture and society by linking "us" with ethical threads, is one unit, and that the more these connections are made, the more stable the culture and society will be.

About NTT

NTT believes in resolving social issues through our business operations by applying technology for good. We help clients accelerate growth and innovate for current and new business models. Our services include digital business consulting, technology and managed services for cybersecurity, applications, workplace, cloud, data center and networks, all supported by our deep industry expertise and innovation. As a top 5 global technology and business solutions provider, our diverse teams operate in 80+ countries and regions and deliver services to over 190 of them. We serve over 80% of Fortune Global 100 companies and thousands of other clients and communities around the world. For more information on NTT, visit

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