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December 14, 2021

NTT Corporation

NTT group certified BEST WORKPLACE in the D&I award 2021

Tokyo - December 14th, 2021- NTT Group receives BEST WORKPLACE in D&I award 2021*1 from JobRainbow corporation*2 that promotes LGBT friendly workplace.
 NTT Group will continue to promote "Diversity and Inclusion" to create the work environment where every employee can work together with peace of mind, regardless of attributes such as sexual orientation and gender identity and to realize a sustainable society.

D&I AWARD 2021 Best Workplace for Diversity & Inclusion Certification Score: 81-100

*1About "D&I award 2021"
D&I Award is an award system newly established in 2021.
Based on a 100-item "Diversity Score" comprised of five perspectives (LGBT, gender gap, disability, multicultural coexistence, and "childcare and nursing care"), companies are certified as BEGINNER (certification score: 1-20), STANDARD (certification score: 21-60), ADVANCED (certification score: 61-80), and BEST WORKPLACE (certification score: 81-100).
In addition, four companies were awarded the "D&I AWARD GRAND PRIZE" and 12 companies were awarded the "D&I AWARD PRIZE" from among the certified companies.

*2About" JobRainbow corporation"
Established in 2016. The company creates workplaces where people can work as they are (LGBT education business), provides LGBT-friendly workplace information (LGBT work information website "JobRainbow"), and develops LGBT employment support businesses.

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