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February 1, 2023

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Development of next-generation avatar UX technology that creates connections between people
~Trial implementation of human digital twin technology in virtual space MetaMe™ provided by NTT DoCoMo~

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Akira Shimada; hereinafter "NTT") has announced that Digital Twin Computing (DTC), one of the pillars of the IOWN concept (*1), we are working on four grand challenges (*2) to open up a new future society. In order to realize these grand challenges, we are challenging to develop four technologies as follows;

  1. Transcending personal experiences and sensitivities to enable direct understanding of how other people perceive and feel the world around them: Mind-to-Mind Communications
  2. A digital alter ego as a new and irreplaceable partner that can expand your opportunities in life many times over and live and grow with you: Another Me®
  3. An engine for exploring the form of future societies.
  4. Inducing inclusive equilibrium solutions for the earth and its social and economic systems.

These grand challenges and overcoming technologies will induce inclusive equilibrium solutions for the earth and its social and economic systems. As the first step in these challenges, we have developed technologies to support understanding of others and creating of connections with other societies through Mind-to-Mind Communications and Another Me technologies, and conducted a trial-implementation on the virtual space platform provided by NTT DoCoMo. MetaMe™, a new communication service that uses this platform, will be exhibited online at NTT DoCoMo Open House'23 (*3) to be held from February 2nd to 28rd, 2023.

*1IWON and Digital Twin Computing (DTC)
The IOWN concept is aimed at transforming existing information and communication systems and realizing a new information and communication infrastructure that goes beyond the limitations of current ICT technology. It is composed of an "All-Photonics Network", which introduces photonics-based technology to everything from networks to terminals, a "Digital Twin Computing (DTC)" that realizes predictions of the future by combining the real world and the digital world, and a "Cognitive Foundation®" that connects and controls everything. DTC aims to realize technologies to communicate the sensitivities of the mind and the emotions, alter ego technologies to coexist and grow with people (Another Me), technologies to explore forms of future societies, and technologies to induce inclusive equilibrium solutions for the earth and its social and economic systems.
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*2NTT news release: 2020.11.13. : "NTT announces new R&D projects of Digital Twin Computing"

*3NTT DoCoMo Open House'23
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