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May 12, 2023

NTT Corporation

Announcement of Organizational Changes

Tokyo -May 12th, 2023- NTT Corporation (NTT) announced its organizational changes as follows.

Details of organizational changes (Effective Data: Jun 22nd, 2023)

  1. (1)Establishment of Research and Development Market Strategy Division
    We will combine our R&D capabilities with our market planning and analysis and alliance capabilities to strengthen our product-oriented R&D, which will also enable us to conduct R&D and offer products through co-creations on a global scale and to promote alliances with a variety of partners. Market Planning and Analysis Department and Alliance Department will be established under Research and Development Market Strategy Division and the Research and Planning Department will be transferred to this division. In addition, Strategic Business Development Division will be abolished.
  2. (2)Establishment of Public Relations Department
    In order to strengthen our global marketing and promotions centered on CX, we will separate our Public Relations Office from the Corporate Strategy Planning Department and reestablish it as a Public Relations Department under the direct control of the President.
  3. (3)Establishment of Legal Office
    In order to strengthen our global legal/risk support, we will establish a Legal Office within the General Affairs Department.
  4. (4)Strengthening the Sustainability Office
    We will establish the Sustainability Office within the Corporate Strategy Planning Department with the aim of strengthening coordination with business strategy planning and other functions and accelerating our Sustainability Charter initiatives

New Organization Chart (Effective Data: Jun 22nd, 2023)

New Organization Chart

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