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May 12, 2023

New Medium-Term Management Strategy

Tokyo - May 12th, 2023 -NTT Corporation (NTT) announced its New Medium-Term Management Strategy "New Value Creation & Sustainability 2027 Powered by IOWN". Details of the new medium-term management strategy is as follows.

Fundamental Principles of New Value Creation & Sustainability 2027 Powered by IOWN

-Innovating a Sustainable Future for People and Planet-

Pillars of Our Initiatives

1. NTT as a Creator of New Value and Accelerator of a Global Sustainable Society

  1. (1)IOWN-Driven Creation of New Value (from concept to commercialization)
  2. (2)Data-Driven Creation of New Value
  3. (3)Achievement of a Circular Economy Society
  4. (4)Further Strengthening of Business Foundations

2. Upgrading the Customer Experience (CX)

  1. (5)Fusion of Research and Development with a Market-Focused Strategy
  2. (6)Strengthening of Services that Emphasize Customer Experience (CX)

3. Improving the Employee Experience (EX)

  1. (7)Open and Innovative Corporate Culture
  2. (8)Support Career Growth
  3. (9)Global Benefits for Employees and their Families

Medium-Term Financial Targets

Medium-Term Financial Targets

In addition to the above, we are setting sustainability-related targets:

・New Female Manager Promotion Rate : at least 30% each year
・Greenhouse Gas Emissions : targeting carbon neutrality in 2040, as well as Net-Zero
・Engagement Rate : To be improved

1IOWN, digital/data centers, power/energy, Smart Life, real estate, AI/robots, etc.

2NTT DATA consolidated. Excludes temporary expenses, such as M&A-related depreciation costs of intangible fixed assets.

3NTT DOCOMO's consumer telecommunications businesses, NTT East and NTT West

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