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July 18, 2023

NTT Establishes Kyoto Institute of Philosophy to Form a Society of Diverse Values through a New Philosophy

Tokyo - July 18, 2023 - NTT Corporation (NTT), a leading global technology services and business solutions company, announced the establishment of the Kyoto Institute of Philosophy. The objective is to pursue research on the benefit of a paraconsistent world with diverse values in society, including Western, Japanese and East Asian ideas. NTT will work together with Yasuo Deguchi, Vice Provost, Vice Dean and Professor of Philosophy at Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University, and other associates.

The Kyoto Institute of Philosophy, through its research activities in the humanities with a focus on philosophy, will undertake the mission to develop and deploy new philosophic foundations. The goal is to form a society in which various people, things and matters coexist, leading to solutions for the issues of our contemporary world.

1. Objectives

Propose global values that can serve as long-term guidelines for sustainable deployment of technology in a society of diverse values.

  • Study and find new approaches that reconcile the values of Western, Japan and East Asian ideas
  • Mobilize disciplines such as philosophy, history and the arts to address the problems of contemporary society
  • Propose ways to implement philosophical foundations to enrich the lives of citizens in diverse societies
  • Develop activities around Kyoto, a city with great history that will be internationally appealing

2. Activities

  1. Research Project: Build a discourse space for the articulation of global values.
    1. Conduct philosophical research projects with philosophers from around the world.
    2. Create a discourse space consisting of academic books, scholarly articles, general introductory books, and media content.
  2. Implementation through cross-sector collaboration and social transmission.
    1. Conduct dialogue, joint research, and joint projects between humanities researchers and industry, government, academia, and the private sector.
    2. Production of multimedia content to disseminate results.
  3. Hold Kyoto Conference
    1. The conference will be held on a regular basis to bring together the world's leading experts to discuss global economic and environmental issues and develop new global values and standards.

"The world faces many social and political problems, such as environmental problems, privacy and security, and increasing divisive nationalism. At the same time, technological innovation is accelerating, and new technologies such as AI are transforming society. If this transformation is to be beneficial to society and if it is to generate an effective social infrastructure, it is necessary to develop a philosophical framework that will guide its development and deployment. Looking ahead to the 2030s when optical technologies and semiconductors based on the IOWN concept will be widely implemented, NTT and Kyoto University intend to conduct joint philosophical research and activities to propose a set of values to guide technology policy. The establishment of the institute is the first step toward this goal, and we look forward to steady progress in our research and activities in the future." According to Akira Shimada, President and CEO of NTT

"Philosophy is the study of the proposal of values. To whom? Of course, people and society above all else. To deliver a voice to people, philosophy must once again face society and engage it. On the other hand, the world of the 21st century desperately needs a more pluralistic and multilayered approach to values. The Kyoto Institute of Philosophy is established as a "place" where these two trajectories meet, a "place" that links philosophy and society, creates new views of humans and the world through dialogue between the two, and disseminates them from Kyoto to today’s global world. It is our mission and dream that the Kyoto Institute of Philosophy can be a "place" where people and researchers from around the world gather to discuss and exchange their ideas, and to create new social values and philosophical trends originating from this culturally iconic city." According to Yasuo Deguchi, Vice Provost, Vice Dean and Professor of Philosophy at Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University

3. Association Profile

Name: Kyoto Institute of Philosophy
Location: Kyoto, Japan
URL: http://www.k-philo.orgOpen other window

4. Association Structure

  1. Members at the time of Establishment
    1. NTT Corporation
    2. Yasuo Deguchi, Vice Provost, Vice Dean and Professor of Philosophy at Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
  2. Director
    1. Yasuo Deguchi, Vice Provost, Vice Dean and Professor of Philosophy at Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
  3. Associate Directors
    1. Jay Garfield Professor (Smith College: Doris Silbert Professor; Harvard Divinity School: Visiting Professor; The University of Melbourne: Professor; Central Institute for Advanced Tibetan Studies: Adjunct Professor)
    2. Graham Priest Professor (The University of Melbourne: Boyce Gibson Professor Emeritus; CUNY Graduate Center: Distinguished Professor)
  4. Executive Advisor / Chief Strategist
    1. Masaki Nomura (Office of Society Academia Collaboration for Innovation, Kyoto University: Collaborative Research Fellow; Harvard Kennedy School)
  5. Board of Directors
    1. Seiji Ikuta (NTT)
    2. Kumiko Omori (NTT)

5. Future Plans

  1. (1)FY2023
    • July 18, 2023: Establishment of the Association
    • August 1, 2023: Start of the Association
    • January 19, 2024: Hold a symposium to commemorate the founding of the organization
    • February, 2024: Start inviting partner companies and endorsers
  2. (2)From FY2024 onward
    • Issue Kyoto Declaration
    • Hold Kyoto Conference

About NTT

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