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September 15, 2023

Contribution to the first ISO for Secure Computation Technology for data utilization and privacy protection
Leading the ISO standardization through many years of R&D knowledge

Tokyo – September 14, 2023 – NTT Corporation (NTT) has been conducting R&D and promoting standardization activities for many years. For the first time, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has issued a standard [1] on secure computation technology that can process data while keeping it encrypted.
 The terminology of secure computing technology, a relatively new technology in industry, were not generally known. The newly issued standard specifies the definition, terminology, safety evaluation axis and use case examples of secure computing technology, and enables developers and users of the technology all over the world to share their perceptions and deepen mutual understanding of the technology, thereby enabling accurate and easy technological development and utilization. Based on this standard, NTT will continue to contribute to the standardization of secure computing technology by developing ISO/IEC standards that specify secure computing using secure distribution technology.

1. Background

In recent years, there has been a growing momentum to share and utilize various types of data in multiple fields in order to expand decision-making based on data and optimize supply chains across sectors. However, data related to personal privacy and trade secures are currently not being utilized due to concerns for information leakage and unauthorized use. The solution to this problem is a secure computing technology that can encrypt data without ever returning it. Privacy-enhancing computation (PEC), which includes secure computation, is also a top trend in Gartner's Hype Cycle, which describes the penetration and trend transition of advanced technologies.
 NTT took an early interest in secure computing technology [2], and promoting technology development and demonstration experiments [3-7], and realization of the advanced secret computing service "Sekihi ®" [8-10]. we have been actively engaged in standardization, and have contributed to the standardization of secret distribution technology, which is a prerequisite technology for secure computation technology, by leading the ISO standards [11].

2. Significance of this standardization

Although secure computing technology has been known for a long time in academia, there are various definitions and evaluation axes, and it is difficult for non-experts to understand and use them, and it is difficult to obtain a common understanding by using different definitions and terms when communicating with others.

For this reason, NTT proposed the standardization of secure calculation from the ground up in ISO/IEC, and has been leading the standardization through activities such as outreach to various countries and the compilation of drafts. As a result, ISO/IEC 4922-1:2023, the first ISO standard for secure calculation, was published in July 2023. The newly issued standard defines the definition of secure computing technology, defines the evaluation axis of safety of secure computing technology, and specifies use case examples. This enables us to explain secure computing technology in the same terms in various fields, so that common recognition can be achieved. In addition, following this, ISO/IEC 4922-2, which specifically specifies secure computation using secure distribution technology, has entered the final stage of standardization, which NTT is also taking the lead in.

Figure 1 Image of Secure Computation Technology Figure 1 Image of Secure Computation Technology

3. Outlook

We will continue to standardize its secret computing technology in order to realize a secure data distribution in society, continue to research and develop its secret computing technology in order to promote its implementation as one of the key functions of IOWN [12]. (Figure 2)

Figure 2 Creating New Value through Secure Computing Technology Figure 2 Creating New Value through Secure Computing Technology


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4.4. Development of analysis method to analyze Genomic Data held by multiple research institutes without disclosing It to each other - Fisher Exact Test with privacy protection data mining technology realized for the first time in the world -

5.NTT and NARO launch joint research on using crop big data with secure computing technology aiming for a world with safe and advanced Crop Data Utilization

6.The Secure Computation Technology to Enable the Learning Processing in the Deep Learning of the Standard AI with Encryption other window

7.Offering the world's first "Secure Computation AI software capable of training and inferencing with key algorithms in four major categories of AI"

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11.NTT's Secure Distribution Technology Adopted as the First International Standard for Secure Distribution Technology

12.IOWN Initiative (IOWN: Innovative Optical and Wireless Network):
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