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October 6, 2023

NTT Integrated Report 2023

Tokyo –Oct. 6, 2023 – NTT Corporation (NTT) has released the "NTT Integrated Report 2023".

This report has been compiled with the primary objective of helping our diverse stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, to better comprehend the NTT Group's growth strategy. This strategy aims to create new value for our customers and society at large, and to transition towards a sustainable society through our business activities. Starting from fiscal 2023, we have merged the previously independent Annual Report and Sustainability Report into a single Integrated Report. This allows us to communicate more comprehensively to all our stakeholders about the NTT Group's mid- to long-term corporate value enhancement efforts and initiatives.

Main contents

  • NTT Group's Roots and History
  • 10 Years of Sustainability Conferences
  • NTT Group's Sustainability
  • Growth Strategy (Medium-Term Management Strategy, IOWN)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Data Section

Publication date

October 6, 2023

Information of NTT Integrated Report 2023

Download or view the report from the following URL.

*For more detailed information on our sustainability initiatives, please visit the URL below.

Media contacts

Investor Relations Office, Finance and Accounting Department
Kosuge or Watanabe

Sustainability Office, Corporate Strategy Planning Department
Kitaooya or Shirakawa

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