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July 3, 2020

New article

Safety and security of telecommunication services

NTT is glad to be appreciated as one of the "Clean Telecommunications Companies" in the statement from Secretary of State of the United States(Launch in New Window). We believe that the statement positively evaluated our position that we have been using products of trusted vendors in its own network. We have also mentioned from financial point of view that it would negatively impact to companies like NTT which use products of trusted vendors if the companies try to introduce other products over existing network infrastructure.

According to the US National Defense Authorization Act, companies which provide services to US government agencies are not allowed to use equipment, systems and services provided by regulated companies, its subsidiaries or affiliates. While NTT Group aims to expand its business with US government agencies, we cordially follow the Act and instruction from the government.

The safety and security of our customers and their personal information is our top priority. In this context, the statement by US government regarding 5G Clean Network is consistent with our position. That is why we are glad to be appreciated as a 5G Clean Telecommunications company and are committed to only using trusted vendors in our 5G networks in Japan and as we expand our business around the world.

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