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September 30, 2020

New article

The Digital Twin Computing(DTC) Reference Model is released toward materializing DTC Initiative through many collaborations

As part of NTT's efforts to materialize Digital Twin Computing Initiative (announced on June 10, 2019) with a variety of partners, we released the first version of The Digital Twin Computing Reference Model (hereinafter referred to as The DTC Reference Model)(Launch in New Window) that clarifies the concept and components of mainly digital twin of things.

Digital twins, which are used in respective industrial fields, can be used across industries toward enjoying the broad benefits. Besides, the discussion can be accelerated toward many challenges, such as precise future forecasts and instantaneous consensus building via interacting digital twins of things and humans with high flexibility. That is why we release this DTC Reference Model.

With the release of the DTC Reference Model, we hope to accquire a wide range of feedbacks, and we will refine the content. By those activities, we will contribute to create a new digital society with many partners.

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