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February 22, 2022


Mitsuaki Akiyama received the IPSJ/IEEE-Computer Society Young Computer Researcher Award

Mitsuaki Akiyama (senior distinguished researcher) at NTT Social Informatics Laboratories of Service Innovation Laboratory Group received the IPSJ/IEEE-Computer Society Young Computer Researcher Award in 2022. The award aims to recognize outstanding young scientist(s) and/or engineer(s) who have contributed to theory, technologies, and/or applications advancing a new research field and/ or novel transformative computing service or system.

Awarded achievements

  • He has been engaged in research on offensive cybersecurity (i.e., technologies from the attacker' s perspective) to observe, analyze and counter cyber attacks.
  • His developed techniques have been used in several national projects (e.g., ACTIVE) in collaboration with the industrial community (i.e., ICT-ISAC Japan) and have contributed significantly to the prevention of malware spread.
  • He promotes not only technology development, but also research ethics of cybersecurity to ensure ethical research process in cybersecurity and bridge the gap between academia and industry.
  • He created the unique datasets for cybersecurity research. His shared datasets have been used in approximately 100 research papers and have greatly contributed to facilitate cybersecurity research.

NTT Social Informatics Laboratories will promote the safe and secure society through R&D activities in security and privacy, human factors, and socio-technical systems.


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