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August 11, 2022


Six papers from NTT Social Informatics Lab were accepted to Crypto 2022

At Crypto 2022, an international conference in the field of cryptography, to be held at Santa Barbara, USA, from August 13 to 18, 2022, six papers submitted from NTT Social Informatics Laboratories were accepted. Crypto, hosted by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), is a top conference in the field of cryptography and this year's acceptance rate was about 21.9% (452 submitted, 99 accepted).

The six accepted papers are as follows:

■Quantum Commitments and Signatures without One-Way Functions

Tomoyuki Morimae (Kyoto University), Takashi Yamakawa (NTT)

■Post-Quantum Simulatable Extraction with Minimal Assumptions: Black-Box and Constant-Round

Nai-Hui Chia (Rice University), Kai-Min Chung (Academia Sinica), Xiao Liang (Stony Brook University), Takashi Yamakawa (NTT)

■MuSig-L: Lattice-Based Multi-Signature With Single-Round Online Phase

Cecilia Boschini (Technion and Reichman University), Akira Takahashi (Aarhus University), Mehdi Tibouchi (NTT)

■Shorter Hash-and-Sign Lattice-Based Signatures

Thomas Espitau (NTT), Mehdi Tibouchi (NTT), Alexandre Wallet (IRISA; Univ Rennes 1; Inria, Bretagne-Atlantique Center, Rennes), Yang Yu (BNRist, Tsinghua University; National Financial Cryptography Research Center, Beijing, China)

■Secret Can Be Public: Low-Memory AEAD Mode for High-Order Masking

Yusuke Naito (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation), Yu Sasaki (NTT), Takeshi Sugawara (The University of Electro-Communications)

■Certified Everlasting Zero-Knowledge Proof for QMA

Taiga Hiroka (Kyoto University), Tomoyuki Morimae (Kyoto University), Ryo Nishimaki (NTT), Takashi Yamakawa (NTT)

In addition, 17 papers submitted from the Cryptography & Information Security Laboratories (CIS Lab) of NTT Research Inc. were also accepted. Together with six papers from Social Informatics Laboratories, 23 papers from NTT group were accepted, and this occupies nearly 1/4 of all accepted papers.
 Moreover, a paper co-authored by Brent Waters from CIS Lab, Batch Arguments for NP and More from Standard Bilinear Group Assumptions, won Crypto 2022's Best Paper Award.

NTT group will continue to contribute to the realization of safe and secure services through research and development of cryptographic and security technologies.


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