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October 16, 2023


NTT paper awarded with Honorable Mention at the international conference, CSCW 2023 (The 26th ACM Conference On Computer-Supported Cooperative Work And Social Computing).

A paper by NTT Researchers has been accepted and awarded with an Honorable Mention at CSCW 2023 (The 26th ACM Conference On Computer-Supported Cooperative Work And Social Computing), held from October 14th to 18th, 2023.

  • Jack Jamieson Jack Jamieson,
    Senior Research Engineer,
    NTT Social Informatics Laboratories

  • Naomi Yamashita Naomi Yamashita,
    Distinguished Researcher,
    NTT Communication Science Laboratories
    & NTT Social Informatics Laboratories

CSCW, an international conference at the forefront of collaboration support and social computing, is known for its rigorous selection process, boasting an acceptance rate of around 25%. The Honorable Mention award is a significant recognition granted to the top 5% of accepted papers for their exceptional contributions.

The accepted paper, "Escaping the Walled Garden? User Perspectives of Control in Data Portability for Social Media," delves into the "right to data portability" as mandated by regulatory frameworks like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The "right to data portability" obligates service providers to let users transfer their personal data to alternative services, thereby enhancing users' ability to control their data by choosing alternate services. However, it is unclear how users perceive current data portability systems and whether they genuinely experience freedom to select among online services.

This study focuses on data portability for social media through surveys and interviews of American social media users. The study results reveal that users generally had a favorable impression of current data portability features but that they were insufficient for empowering users' liberty and control in a meaningful way. Based on these findings, the study proposes features to support users in choosing services freely. These include tools to selectively migrate only appropriate data to their destination platform and methods to protect individual privacy while transferring contacts to new platforms.

NTT remains committed to advancing foundational research that delves into the essence of human-computer interaction while simultaneously pioneering innovative technologies that catalyze societal transformation. Furthermore, through research and development initiatives in areas like privacy and human factors, NTT is dedicated to safeguarding individual rights and contributing to the realization of an open and inclusive society.


CSCW 2023 other window

Jack Jamieson, Naomi Yamashita, "Escaping the Walled Garden? User Perspectives of Control in Data Portability for Social Media" CSCW 2023. Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI), October 2023. other window

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