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November 21, 2023


Akihiro Suda received CNCF Top Committer Award

Akihiro Suda, Associate Distinguished Engineer at Software Innovation Center, IOWN Integrated Innovation Center, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, was honored as 2023 Top Committer Award by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). He is the first East Asian to receive this award.

CNCF is a non-profit organization that promotes container technology, which is one of the virtualization technologies, and more than 700 major IT companies such as Amazon and Microsoft are participating, and NTT DATA is participating from the NTT Group.

The main objective of the CNCF is to promote the development of open source software (OSS) such as Kubernetes, a container management and operation platform, and every year since 2016, CNCF has awarded developers who have made significant contributions to the development of OSS under the CNCF as Top Committer Award.

The award was given in recognition of his significant contribution to many projects under the CNCF by leading the containerd project, which is a container infrastructure that supports Kubernetes, as one of the lead developers, and by launching the Lima project, a container development support tool.
 The results of these efforts have been widely adopted by projects outside the CNCF, such as Rancher Desktop (SUSE) and Finch (AWS).


Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces 2023 Community Awards Winners: other window

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