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April 19, 2024


Revision of the NTT Group Sustainability Charter

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akira Shimada; hereafter NTT) has revised the NTT Group Sustainability Charter established in November 2021 to link it with its management strategy to enhance its effectiveness and to adapt to changes in the external environment.
 Specifically, the activities based on NTT's three themes and nine challenges for a sustainable society in the "NTT Group Sustainability Charter" have been revised into 18 new activities based on the review points below.

<Review Points of Activities>

  1. Alignment with management strategy
    Updated to align with the new mid-term management strategy to include initiatives such as Net Zero, customer engagement, employee engagement, circular economy, diversity, etc.
  2. Responding to changes in the external environment
    In line with the framework of ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board) and CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), the company has specified environmental topics such as promotion of decarbonization throughout the supply chain, respect for human rights, and biodiversity.
  3. Improvement of Effectiveness
    The three themes/nine challenges remain unchanged, but 18 important activities are selected, and indicators are set for all activities to improve effectiveness through quantitative monitoring.

<Outline of the initiatives>

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three themes nine challenges eighteen business activities
Ensuring the positive coexisting of nature and humanity Moving towards a decarbonized society
  1. Achieve our decarbonization goals through energy conservation, implementing IOWN and other innovativetechnologies, developing and expanding renewable energy usage
  2. Implement decarbonization requirements for partners throughout the supply chain
A commitment to a resource-recycling future
  1. Increase the reuse and recycling of all technology equipment
  2. Ensure proper treatment, storage and management of hazardous waste
A future where people and nature are in harmony
  1. Promote increased biodiversity, natural ecosystems and conservation
  2. Appropriate and efficient management of water resources
Improving prosperity for all people and cultures Establish shared ethical standards
  1. Develop and enforce thoroughly the code of ethics including conduct risk, compliance, and governance
  2. Share high ethical standards with business partners
Prepare for a new future with the power of technology
  1. Ensure continuous improvement of services and support to meet the evolving needs of customers, communities and corporations
  2. Protection and respect of intellectual property
Moving towards a safe, secure, and resilient society
  1. Ensure the stability and reliability of services
  2. Strengthen information security and personal information protection
Maximizing wellbeing for all Respect for human rights
  1. Compliance with the NTT Group Human Rights Policy
  2. Encourage human rights and respect for the individual across our organization, customers, and partners
  1. Attract and retain diverse human resources
  2. Support flexible work life balance choices and support an inclusive work environment
Creating new work style models
  1. Support diverse work styles for health and wellbeing management
  2. Encourage independent and personal skill development

Based on this charter, the NTT Group will promote various initiatives to support our commitment towards a sustainable society. The IOWN concept will support these initiatives enabled by high ethical standards and cutting-edge technologies and innovation. The NTT Group will promote corporate and economic growth and, at the same time, will contribute to resolving social issues to realize a sustainable society.

■Reference Material

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Please be advised that information may be outdated after that point.