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March 25, 2021


Ichiro meets R&D - NTT R&D Experiential Tour

New TECHNOLOGY giving birth to new EXPERIENCE!

The long-standing top sportsman in the world, Ichiro,
experiences NTT's latest technology!


Remote stethoscope

Opening the gates for "tele-auscultation" and the visualization of physical states based on body sounds

This system features an examination vest equipped with multi-channel acoustic sensors. When a patient puts on the examination vest, a physician can tap an on-screen diagram to listen to sounds from the desired location on the patient's body, thereby achieving non-contact diagnosis. With functions to collect sounds from the body at multiple places simultaneously and at high quality, this system is thought to assist the research and development for new technologies, such as visualizing physical states based on body sounds.


Lightning control and charging technology

Technology to harness the power of lightning and store energy

This research involves using drones to guide lightning strikes to a safe place, as well as methods for sending lightning energy to chargeable cars. Our goal is to reduce damage caused by lightning strikes around the world, eventually absorbing the energy of thunderclouds and completely eliminating lightning strikes reaching the ground.

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Personalized sound zone technology

Media processing technologies for the ultimate private sound space

We are working on research for a system that allows for voices to be heard without using headphones and without noise reaching further than it needs to, such as in long online conference calls when working at home.

Through this project, we will realize a system that produces a space where the user can hear the conversation from speakers placed near the ears, but where no sound can be heard when the user moves away from the speaker. In addition, the system will cut out keyboard noise and children's voices, extracting only the user's voice to be delivered to recipients. This technology will allow the user to concentrate during online conference calls without wearing headphones and without being distracted by ambient noise. With the ability to let people hear only the sounds they want to hear and cutting out undesired sound, this technology is expected to be applied in many different areas.

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