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July 2, 2024

NTT C89, a brand in the space business field, is now in full swing! Space Business Expansion and Development

NTT Group companies and partners have launched the "NTT C89" brand for space business to maximize the potential of space business and industry, create new services and solve global issues such as climate change.

1) Environment Surrounding the Space Sector Business

Image: 1) Environment Surrounding the Space Sector Business

Recent developments in space technology have reduced launch costs and increased interest in the Moon, and more companies are entering the space business and services market, making space more accessible.
 That's why NTT Group companies and partners are focusing on the space business field, accelerating business and technology development, organically linking related businesses of NTT Group companies and partners, and working to provide solutions that meet customer needs.

2) "NTT C89" Brand Concept

Image: 2) "NTT C89" Brand Concept

We've called the brand for the space business of NTT Group companies and partners "NTT C89" (*1).
 The name expresses our desire to "create the 89th constellation" by organically linking the businesses, services, research and development activities of NTT Group companies in the space field, which we define as "stars."

Image: 2) "NTT C89" Brand Concept

There are 88 (*2) constellations in the world and they serve as guideposts that tell us the path we should take now, as well as show us what happened in the past. The current space businesses of NTT Group companies and partners are like small stars, but our goal is to link them together to create a larger form in terms of business strategy and functionality.

*1"NTT C89" is a trademark registration pending.

*2Currently, the number of constellations used in astronomy is 88.

3) Future Development

Image: 3) Future Development

By organically linking the businesses and services of NTT Group companies and partners in the space field and proposing solutions that meet customer needs, we aim to strengthen our business in the space field, create synergy effects, and develop new markets.

·Areas of Focus in the Space Business

Image: 3) Future Development

To realize the "Space Integrated Computing Network" planned with SKY Perfect JSAT, we will strategically divide our business into two areas: one in which we will leverage our technological strengths to develop our own services, and the other in which we will accelerate the development of services through collaboration with partners while developing new technologies. In each of these areas, we will carry out both business and technology development to drive the creation and expansion of markets.

(1) Areas where the company aims to leverage its technological strengths to become self-sufficient:

GEO Satellites

The first area is geostationary satellites, or GEO satellites.
 NTT DOCOMO's satellite phone and data communication service, "WideStar," which has already been in operation for more than 20 years, is available.
 Space Compass is also preparing an "Optical Data Relay Service," which relays data taken by observation satellites to customers via optical communications.

Image: 3) Future Development

In the area of technology development, we are collaborating with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to develop technology that can efficiently analyze observation data through AI processing on the satellite's computer ("AI inference"), assuming that these GEO satellites will be utilized as data centers.
 As we develop our technology, we are researching solar power generation and its transmission technology in space, as well as electromagnetic barrier technology to protect satellites and their electronic equipment from the damage caused by cosmic rays.
 These technologies are expected to extend the life of satellites and make them more robust.

Observation LEO Satellite

The second area concerns our "Observation LEO Satellite," which utilizes observation satellites and data.
 While we develop business centered on NTT DATA, we are also considering the development of a business for self-service constellation of observation satellites and a digital twin platform service that enables digital simulation by adding time axis information to the 3D map.
 We are considering the possibility of providing a full range of services from satellite imaging to simulation on a digital twin platform.

Image: 3) Future Development

We are also conducting joint research with JAXA on wireless transmission technology ("satellite MIMO") that enables the construction of ultra-wide area sensing platforms and terahertz-band wireless device technology with excellent high-frequency characteristics for next-generation Earth observation satellites.

HAPS (High Altitude Platform Station)

The third area is "HAPS,"Open other window which provides communication and observation services.
 HAPS (High Altitude Platform Station) is a platform that provides communication and observation services in the stratosphere for a long period of time, using only its own power generation. HAPS enables high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency direct communications with terminals in the sky, at sea, and in mountainous areas where communication environments are inadequate.

In preparation for the early commercialization of HAPS, NTT DOCOMO and Space Compass have agreed to a capital and business alliance with Airbus and AALTO.

Newsrelease other window

In addition, the project has been selected for the "Innovative Information and Communications Technology (Beyond 5G (6G)) Fund Project," by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). We are accelerating the development of direct communication systems for mobile devices for early practical use and have started research and development on high-speed, large-capacity technology with an eye towards expanding its use after commercialization. The project is a part of the "Beyond 5G (6G) Fund Project".

Image: 3) Future Development

(2) Accelerate the development of services through collaboration with partners while developing new technologies:

Communications LEO Satellite

The fourth area concerns communications LEO satellites.
 NTT Group companies are developing technologies and collaborating with external partners to accelerate the development of this service, which is based on NTT Communications' existing low-Earth orbit satellite service, Starlink. The service is expected to be used in a variety of fields, such as in mountainous areas where communication environments are not well developed, and as a backup line in times of disaster.
 In addition, we have entered into a deeper strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon's Project Kuiper to collaborate in a variety of fields.

Image: 3) Future Development

In technology development, we are conducting joint research with partners on optical amplification transceiver device technology to realize ultra-high-speed, high-capacity optical communication in space. Additionally, we have been selected for the "Development and Demonstration of Satellite Constellation Basic Technology for Optical Communication, etc." under the "Program for Developing Important Technologies for Economic Security" by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). We aim to establish the technology to construct an optical communication network system through satellite constellations.

NTT Group companies and partners hope to make space more accessible to people in a variety of industries, including agriculture, forestry, and infrastructure-related industries, as well as disaster countermeasures such as earthquakes, by providing space services to help them solve problems.

We plan to start providing communication services using HAPS, offer inter-satellite communication (optical data relay service) for earth observation companies, and expand services using data taken by observation satellites.

Under the slogan "New Constellations for the Future" and using the brand "NTT C89," we will continue to provide a variety of services and solutions to customers in Japan and overseas.

Please look forward to the space business of NTT Group companies and partners in the future.

4) Contact information for inquiries

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Public Relations Department

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