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March 5, 2024

[Press Conference Information] Launch of "NTT G×Inno," a New Solution Brand to Strengthen Efforts in the GX Field

As climate change and other environmental issues become more serious every year, green transformation (GX)*1 is attracting attention as an initiative to simultaneously achieve carbon neutrality and economic growth. NTT Group has launched a new solution brand to strengthen its efforts in the GX field: "NTT G×Inno." This is our report on the press conference to announce the brand, held on December 20, 2023.

*1 Green Transformation: An initiative to reform the entire economic and social system to achieve both social carbon neutrality and economic growth, by viewing activities to achieve carbon neutrality and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets as an opportunity for economic growth.

1) What is the "NTT G×Inno" solution brand?

Image: 1) What is the "NTT G×Inno" solution brand?

Since the announcement of NTT Group's medium-term management strategy "New Value Creation & Sustainability 2027 Powered by IOWN,"*2 announced in May 2023, NTT Group has been promoting initiatives to realize green solutions and create recycling-oriented businesses.

To accelerate these efforts, we have launched "NTT G×Inno" as a common brand for NTT Group. The name of the brand reflects our desire to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050 through innovation in the GX field, by providing multiple solutions to society.

*2NTT Group Medium-Term Management Strategy "New Value Creation & Sustainability 2027 Powered by IOWN"

Image: 1) What is the "NTT G×Inno" solution brand?

NTT G×InnoTM is an abbreviation for NTT GX (Green Transformation×Innovation), an initiative to generate innovation in the GX field and contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050 through the provision of solutions to society.

[Vision] NTT G×Inno's vision of the world

A world where industrial activities and local lifestyles can develop in harmony with the natural environment.

[Mission] Mission of NTT G×Inno

NTT G×Inno's mission is to achieve both a carbon-neutral society and economic growth through the technologies and solutions of NTT Group and its partners.

[Value] NTT G×Inno's value proposition

  • NTT Group will contribute to the sustainable growth and development of diverse business activities and local communities through GX.
  • NTT Group will take on the challenge of becoming carbon neutral by generating its own renewable energy and utilizing IOWN.
  • NTT Group will co-create innovations with customers and partners by leveraging its experience and technologies.
  • NTT Group will build a safe and secure social infrastructure by realizing local production for local consumption of energy, in accordance with the needs of each region and company.
  • NTT Group will collaborate across diverse industries, including telecommunications, ICT, and the energy industry, to achieve behavioral change in society as a whole.

Under the brand "NTT G×Inno", NTT Group will provide a wide range of solutions, including consulting, visualization, energy saving, and behavior change. NTT Group will accelerate its carbon neutrality-related business by expanding GX solutions and human resources, and strengthening collaboration with various partners in the GX field, with the goal of achieving a business scale of over 1 trillion yen in FY2030, the midpoint of NTT's new environmental energy vision "NTT Green Innovation toward 2040."*3

*3 New Environmental Energy Vision "NTT Green Innovation toward 2040"

2) Green power generation business integration platform

Image: 2) Green power generation business integration platform

NTT Anode Energy and NTT Comware have developed the "Green Power Business Integration Platform (Smart Data FusionR )" ("the Platform"). The Platform enables integrated management, analysis, and utilization of power plant business data.

The Platform features a dashboard that allows users to visualize key management indicators, enabling them to check at a glance the status of income and expenditure, breakdowns, abnormalities, and maintenance at each power plant. In addition, the AI-based "expected power generation estimation" and "abnormality detection" functions support stable business operations, along with avoidance of power generation losses. Through this Platform, the optimization and efficiency of renewable energy power generation business operations can be realized.

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3) Building an energy distribution platform to promote aggregation business

Image: 3) Building an energy distribution platform to promote aggregation business

NTT Anode Energy will promote the introduction of renewable energy and optimize the supply and demand of electricity through the construction and operation of a new energy distribution platform to aggregate various renewable energies and realize integrated control of energy resources, to solve the social issue of achieving carbon neutrality.

Aggregation consists of renewable energy aggregation, regulating power aggregation, and demand aggregation, and is based on our own energy storage facilities, which we have built and own as our own assets. We will contribute to the stabilization of supply and demand for power grids and retail electricity providers, as well as to green power supply services centered on renewable energies.

Renewable Energy Aggregation

We provide highly accurate power generation forecasting services necessary for the preparation of daily power generation plans. Furthermore, bundling renewable energy from multiple power plants offsets errors between demand and supply, reducing adjustment costs on the part of power producers. This helps stabilize the power generation business.

Regulating Power Aggregation

This provides integrated and aggregated control services for grid storage batteries. Specifically, through an energy distribution platform, the system determines power shortages and surpluses, and controls the recharging and discharging of storage batteries. The system predicts when and how much electricity to charge and discharge, and optimizes recharge/discharge plans.

Demand Aggregation

This service utilizes low-voltage resources such as electric vehicles (EVs) and household storage batteries, which are expected to proliferate in the future, to adjust the supply-demand balance of electricity.

Energy Distribution Platform

In order to smoothly promote the above three aggregation businesses, we will build an energy distribution platform that utilizes NTT Group's latest technologies.

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4) Promoting the realization of carbon neutrality throughout NTT Group's supply chain

Image: 4) Promoting the realization of carbon neutrality throughout NTT Group's supply chain

NTT Group aims to achieve carbon neutrality for its entire supply chain in addition to its own greenhouse gas emissions by FY2040. While Group companies are working to reduce emissions, NTT DATA will gradually introduce "C-Turtle®"*4 to Group companies from February 2024 to calculate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reflecting supplier emissions and supplier reduction efforts for the entire NTT Group. By FY2027, NTT DATA aims to have 1,000 suppliers implement C-Turtle® as part of their joint efforts to reduce emissions.

NTT DATA will collect know-how and improve the functionality of C-Turtle® through the emissions visualization efforts of NTT Group companies, and drive the visualization and reduction of emissions throughout the NTT Group supply chain, thereby contributing to the achievement of carbon neutrality for society as a whole.

*4 C-Turtle®( Japan's first GHG emissions visualization platform compatible with the Total Emissions Allocation Method)
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5) Contact for inquiries

For inquiries from the media regarding this topic, please contact

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Public Relations Office

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