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Providing Procurement Information

Procurement Procedures

Products to be Procured and Types of Procurement Procedures

NTT procures telecom equipment and a wide variety of other products, such as fixtures. Domestic telecom equipment includes equipment for R&D and testing at the R&D laboratories. Procurement procedures are divided as follows, depending on the nature of products.

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Product Category Examples of Products Procurement Procedures
Telecom equipment for domestic services IP network equipment, optical fiber cables, consumer products, operation system equipment, etc. Request for Proposal Process
Supplier's Proposal Process
Follow-on Purchase Process
Non-telecom products Fixtures, etc. Non-telecom product procurement procedure

Procurement procedure for telecom equipment for domestic services

This procedure consists of the Request for Proposal (RFP) Process, Supplier's Proposal Process, and Follow-on Purchase Process.

1.Request for Proposal Process

Request for Proposal (RFP)

NTT provides procurement information such as outlines of products to be purchased. RFP information is available in the Tendering Information section of NTT's procurement website.

Reception of Proposals

Suppliers wishing to participate in the procurement process may submit their proposals.

Selection / Contracts

NTT performs comprehensive evaluations and selects the supplier(s) which are determined to be the most advantageous, then enters into contract negotiations with the selected supplier(s). Testing of proposed products or prototypes may be required as part of the selection process.

2.Supplier's Proposal Process

Product Introduction

Product introductions from suppliers wishing to participate in our procurement are welcome.

Technical Discussions

Technical meetings may be held when appropriate.

Reception of Proposals

NTT provides suppliers with information which is necessary for their proposals and receives proposal submissions.

Selection / Contracts

NTT evaluates proposals and makes selections. Testing of proposed products or prototypes may be performed as part of the selection process.

3.Follow-on Purchase Process

Additional Purchases

NTT purchases additional units of products, formerly procured through the RFP Process or the Supplier's Proposal Process, from qualified suppliers. In this case, NTT may limit the number of suppliers to be awarded the contracts to an appropriate number for the quantity of the product to be supplied.

Qualified Suppliers

The supplier(s) successfully selected through the RFP Process or the Supplier's Proposal Process will be considered as Qualified Supplier(s).


  • NTT only procures finished products, not semi-assembled products or parts. Decisions regarding which parts are to be incorporated into finished products will be made by the suppliers.
  • For the efficient operation of our procurement procedures, NTT may limit the number of suppliers permitted to participate in our procurement process as well as the number of Qualified Suppliers.
  • Suppliers requesting to participate in a particular procurement opportunity for the first time will be permitted to submit proposals, provided there is sufficient time to complete the procurement process.
  • Products using NTT (the Holding Company)'s R&D results may be procured through the Follow-on Purchase Process by the companies who bear fundamental research costs, such as NTT EAST and NTT WEST. In such a case, the supplier(s) qualified by NTT may be considered as Qualified Supplier(s) of the companies.
    When such products are used commonly by NTT EAST and NTT WEST, NTT may procure them jointly with NTT EAST and NTT WEST.
  • Procurement procedures may be revised in order to make improvements.

Non-Telecom Product Procurement Procedure

Products procured under this procedure include products other than telecom products.

Request for Information (RFI)

An RFI may be issued to invite suppliers to submit materials for use in creating suitable specifications prior to the public notice of tender. The RFI will be announced on NTT's procurement website and the Kanpo (the Official Gazette).

Requests for Comments (RFC) on Specifications

Before the public notice of tender, an RFC may be issued to invite interested suppliers to submit comments on draft specifications for the product to be procured. The RFC will be placed on NTT's procurement website and the Kanpo (the Official Gazette).

Public Notice of Tender

When procuring products, NTT places an announcement on our procurement website and the Kanpo (the Official Gazette). For some products to be procured, as a prerequisite to submitting a tender, suppliers may be asked to undergo a prior qualification that examines their technical, manufacturing and other capabilities. Information on how to apply for a prior qualification is given on NTT's procurement website and the Kanpo (the Official Gazette).

Individual Tender Documentation

NTT supplies Individual Tender Documentation which contains detailed information required for participation in the tender. Individual Tender Documentation is available at the specified contact point from the day of public notice of tender until the deadline for accepting tender applications.

Pre-Tender Conference

NTT may hold a pre-tender conference to exchange opinions with suppliers on the technical and management aspects of the procurement.

Submission of Tender Applications

Any supplier wishing to participate in a tender is required to submit, by the deadline, a tender application to the specified office.

Submission of Tenders

Tenders must be submitted by the deadline to the office specified in the public notice of tender, etc.

Opening of Tenders

Tenders are confirmed in the presence of tenderers or their proxies. In the event that tenderers or their proxies are not present, our employees having no involvement in the administration of the tender will witness it.

Contract Award

The successful tenderer will be selected according to one of the evaluation criteria and evaluation methods below, indicated in the Individual Tender Documentation.

  • The contract will be awarded to the supplier offering the lowest price of all of the tenderers who fulfill evaluations standards; or
  • After an overall appraisal by NTT, the contract will be awarded to the supplier offering the most advantageous tender.

Notes Regarding Participation in the Procurement Process

Please see the notes below regarding participation in the procurement process.