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Notes Regarding Participation in the Procurement Process

Companies Disqualified from Participating in NTT's Procurement Process

Please note that suppliers who fall under any of the following conditions are not allowed to participate in the procurement process.

  1. Those who have been incapacitated and are not able to enter the agreement in question
  2. Those who have been subject to the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings, and who have not yet been reinstated
  3. Those under corporate arrangement, civil rehabilitation, corporate rehabilitation, bankruptcy, liquidation proceedings, or the equivalent
  4. A person prescribed in Article 32 Clause 1 of the Act on the Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (Act No. 77 of 1991)
  5. Those who have committed one or more of the following acts within the period stipulated by NTT (in any case, however, not exceeding three years), or those who employ such persons as a proxy, manager, or an employee in another capacity:
    ・Intentionally performed poor or faulty work in the manufacturing of any product, or in the provision of any service, when performing a contract, or committed any unfair act with respect to the quality and/or quantity of any product;
    ・Conspired to obtain unfair profit in making any tender application or entering into or performing any contract;
    ・Interfered with other suppliers making a tender application or entering into or performing a contract;
    ・Interfered with, or refused or failed to cooperate with NTT personnel when they were performing an inspection or supervision duty;
    ・Failed or refused to enter into or to perform a contract without justifiable reasons;
    ・Made a false report or misrepresentation in a tender application procedure, or in entering into or performing a contract;
    ・Committed any other unfair act to interfere with competition
  6. Those who are deemed to have gained unfair competitive advantages as a result of their involvement in inspection and/or designing for the procurement in question and/or the preparation of technical specifications for the procurement in question.


The procurement-related information and information regarding intellectual property rights provided to suppliers by NTT are the confidential intellectual property of NTT. They must not be disclosed to any third party or used for any purpose other than that for which the information was provided.