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Eco ICT Logo

Eco ICT Logo

The Eco ICT logo is designated by the ICT Ecology Guideline Council. Telecommunications services providers can display the "Eco ICT Logo" as a medium for broad public disclosure depending on the result of appropriate self-assessment of their actions to reduce CO2 emissions, etc., and to indicate the status of such implemented actions.

NTT is a participant in the efforts pertaining to the Eco ICT logo.

Self-Assessment Checklist for CO2 Emission Reduction Efforts Through Energy Conservation by Telecommunications Services Providers

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[Mandatory items]

Assessment items Implementation, measures taken
Preparation of a voluntary ecological action plan 1 Has a voluntary ecological action plan stipulating various efforts directed at reducing CO2 emissions through energy conservation been created and is it being executed? In September 2021, we have formulated a new environment and energy vision "NTT Green Innovation toward 2040" to simultaneously achieve zero environmental impact and economic growth by "Reduction of Environmental Impact through Business Activities" and "Creation of Breakthrough Innovation".
2 Does the ecological policy include specific efforts stipulating numerical targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions thorough energy conservation? The NTT Group has set goals of 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in fiscal 2030 and carbon neutrality in fiscal 2040. NTT Group will achieve carbon neutrality through a combination of
(1)Increased use of renewable energy: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45 %
(2)Lower energy consumption with IOWN technologies: Reduce greenhouse gas emission by 45 %
3 Is the ecological policy documented and disseminated inside and outside of the company? Does the company carry out activities to inform and enlighten its employees? Is the company working to raise ecological awareness? Through the publication of the sustainability report and website, we disseminate our environmental activities both inside and outside the company. We also hold a seminar for staffs of environmental department of group.
4 Does the company disclose to the general public its activities and data such as CO2 emission reduction? Through the publication of the sustainability report and website, we disclose our achievement of objectives and environment activities both inside and outside the company.
Efforts relating to procurement 5 In regard to ICT equipment and data center services, has the company prepared a procurement standard based on assessment standards specified in this Guideline? Is procurement carried out in accordance with standard? The basic policies and performance targets for various ICT equipment such as routers and servers to be developed or procured for internal use by NTT are set out in the "NTT Group Green Procurement Standards".
6 Is the company cognizant of energy conservation in Procuring office equipment, supplies and logistics (e.g., green purchasing)? We have formulated the "NTT Group Green Procurement Standards" and carry out green procurement in accordance with it.
Promotion regime 7 In relation to efforts to reduce CO2 emissions through energy conservation, has the company assigned a person or department to be responsible for such matters? We have set up the Environment and Energy Protection Office to promote the reduction of CO2 emissions in our group companies.
8 Is there a regime in place using internal audits or other means to keep appropriate track of the implementation of measures and achievement of targets set forth in the voluntary ecological action plan? The Sustainability Committee has been established directly under the Board of Directors, and the Green Innovation Committee has been established as an internal organization under the Sustainability Committee. The Green Innovation Committee manages and promotes the policies and progress of environmental activities of the entire Group, and policies related to sustainability are decided by the Board of Directors after the Sustainability Committee, while other items are decided by the Executive Officers Meeting. We have also introduced an environmental management system (EMS) that allows us to conduct mutual internal audits.

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[Recommended items]

Assessment items Implementation, measures taken
Other ecological activities 9 Are ecologically-friendly efforts being made other than activities to save energy? Ensuring the coexistence of nature and humanity is one of the themes of the NTT Group Sustainability Charter, and activities are based on three challenges: "Moving towards a decarbonized society", "A commitment to a resource-recycling future", and "A future where people and nature are in harmony".
10 Is the company involved in ecological preservation activities in collaboration with local communities? We are working to promote ecological conservation activities both internally and externally, including cleanup activities and conservation of terraced rice paddies in cooperation with local communities, and support for information dissemination and exchanges that raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity to society at large.