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Reduction of CO2 Emissions across Society

By striving to actively develop and disseminate the most advanced ICT services and technologies, the NTT Group contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions across society and seeks to realize a low carbon future.

Environmental Labeling System for Solutions*

Environmental Labeling System for Solutions

The NTT Group has been implementing an environmental labeling system for solutions formulated in fiscal 2009, which enables us to communicate the environmental contributions made by ICT to customers in a manner that is easy to understand, and to promote Group environmental efforts.

Under the system, ICT solutions offered by Group companies that provide a certain level of environmental load reduction effects are certified as environmentally friendly solutions and the companies are allowed to display the environmental label designated by the NTT Group. A solution must meet the criteria of demonstrating a reduction rate of over 15% based on a quantitative assessment of the reduced volume of CO2 emissions.

Certified solutions and their assessment results are published in the Environmental Labeling System for Solutions section under NTT Group Environmental Protection Activities on the official NTT website. In fiscal 2019, 6 solutions were certified as environmentally friendly, bringing the total number of certified solutions to 84 (as of March 31, 2020).

*The Environmental Solution Label is a self-declared program (TYPE II) formulated by the NTT Group.

CO2 emissions by Dimension Data

As part of its efforts to promote the Environment and Energy Vision, the NTT Group announced its participation in the SBT in May 2020. We will set our reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions based on the SBT as an initiative for achieving zero environmental impact.

NTT Group Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets

Scope1 and 2 : 30% reduction by FY2030 from FY2018(Well-belloow2.0℃)
Scope3 : 15% reduction by FY2030 from FY2018