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Protect Environment

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CSR Priority Activities Medium-term Targets CSR Quantitative Indicators KPI Target Achievement FY Results (FY)
2017 2018 2019
Use ICT to contribute to the environment While reducing CO2 emissions of the Company, contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions of all society, including value chains, through the use of ICT Amount of contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions of all society At least 10 times the Company's emissions FY2030 10.1 times 10.8 times 12.5 times
Reduce the environmental impact of business operations Improve the ratio of renewable energy usage by developing renewable energy sources and promoting the active use of renewable energy by the Company Renewable energy usage ratio for the Company*1 30% or higher FY2030 -- -- 7.9%
Improve power efficiency to reduce the environmental impact of business operations Power efficiency of telecommunications services (power efficiency per data transmission) At least 10 times higher than in FY2013 FY2030 3.6 times 4.5 times 5.4 times
At least two times higher than in FY2017*2 FY2025 -- 1.2 times 1.5 times
Ratio of EV adoption in Japan*2 100%
-- 0.4% 1.45%
Effectively use resources Control the final disposal ratio of waste and work toward the effective use of resources Final disposal ratio of waste 1% or below FY2030 1.18% 0.91% 1.13%

*1Newly established in fiscal 2020

*2Newly established in fiscal 2019