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Enrich Society

Enrich Society

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CSR Priority Activities Medium-term Targets CSR Quantitative Indicators KPI Target Achievement FY Result (FY)
2017 2018 2019
Contribute to society through ICT and data usage Evolve into a B2B2X business model which uses digital services and data management Number of B2B2X projects 100 projects FY2021 -- 39 66
Leverage the characteristics of 5G to create new value with a broad range of partners 5G service- related indicators*1 To be set at the commercialization stage
Promote personalization to support changing lifestyles Number of places where payments can be made and points can be used*1 Two million places FY2021 0.84 million 1.05 million 1.71 million
Provide ICT services available for a broad range of customers, including the elderly and persons with disabilities Number of UD- capable products and services provided Expand -- 14 12 10
Pursue customer satisfaction Provide high value- added products and services and fine- tuned support Reductions in waiting and customer service times at DOCOMO shops*1 Decrease by half compared to FY2018 (over 2 hours on average) -- -- -- 65 minutes
Number of improvements made based on suggestions from customers More than in the previous fiscal year -- 496 399 369
Response rates at our call centers Better than in the previous fiscal year -- 88.6% 86.5% 79.4%
Reinforce and globalize research and development Globalize and expand the competitiveness of research and development to generate world bests, world firsts, and amazing results Number of patent applications*2 More than in the previous fiscal year -- 0.82 applications /employees 0.85 applications /employees 0.87 applications /employees
Number of academic papers published outside the company More than in the previous fiscal year -- 0.76 publications /employees 0.76 publications /employees 0.82 publications /employees
Number of successful practical applications*1 More than in the previous fiscal year -- 0.064 publications /employees 0.070 publications /employees 0.066 publications /employees

*1Newly established in fiscal 2019

*2Past figures have been retroactively revised to reflect a change in the calculation method.