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2021.4Q Financial Results : Key Points

Last updated : May 12, 2022

  • In FY2021, revenues and income both increased. Operating revenues, operating income and profit each reached new record-high levels, due in part to increased SI revenues both domestically and abroad at NTT DATA, which has captured increased demand for digitalization. Profit exceeded ¥1.0 trillion for the first time and EPS was ¥329, achieving the initial target of ¥320 two years ahead of schedule.
  • For the FY2022 forecast, revenues and income are both expected to increase year-over-year, with operating revenues, operating income and profit each expected to set new record highs, and EPS is expected to be ¥340. In order to achieve the FY2023 medium-term financial target of EPS of ¥370, we will continue to work to increase synergies in the New DOCOMO Group, grow our overseas businesses and further promote DX, among other initiatives.
  • With the goal of enhancing shareholder returns, the dividend forecast for FY2022 is ¥120 per share (an increase of ¥5 year-over-year), which would be the 12th consecutive year of dividend increases since FY2011, and we have also resolved to conduct share repurchases in an aggregate amount of up to ¥400.0 billion.
  • With the launch of the New DOCOMO Group, beginning with the results for the end of FY2021, NTT Group's segments have been reorganized into a four-segment structure consisting of: Integrated ICT Business, Regional Communications Business, Global Solutions Business and Others (Real Estate, Energy and Others).
  • Given that mobile communications revenues are expected to decrease, how will the NTT DOCOMO Group achieve increases in revenues and income in FY2022?

    We intend to increase revenues and income as follows: in the consumer communications business, we plan to expand our customer base and reorganize channels in order to minimize losses as much as possible; in the enterprise business, we will increase revenues by integrating the business structures of NTT DOCOMO and NTT Communications and strengthening our mobile/cloud/solutions, among other things; and in the Smart Life business, we will leverage our user base to grow our marketing solutions and finance/settlement business.

  • It was announced that NTT DATA and NTT Ltd. are integrating their global businesses. Please discuss the objective of the integration.

    In order to further expand our business, we will strengthen our global governance by consolidating our global human resources, and will strengthen our global business capabilities for business users. By combining the “power to create” of NTT DATA with the “power to connect” of NTT Ltd., we will be able to obtain new competitive advantages and provide new value to our customers and to society.

  • Please discuss your future strategies and policies for achieving the FY2023 target of EPS of ¥370.

    We are working to produce synergies of ¥100.0 billion in FY2023 through NTT DOCOMO's integration with NTT Communications and NTT Comware. In FY2022, we anticipate approximately ¥30.0 billion of synergies from the integration and strengthening of our business functions in our enterprise business, and the strengthening of our video services from the integration of NTT Plala, among other things. At NTT East and NTT West, we are working to increase revenues by increasing the net number of Hikari subscriptions and promoting regional revitalization, and through cost reductions such as the advancement of DX and other measures. In addition, at NTT DATA, we will use the global business integration as an opportunity to further expand our overseas business and increase income.

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