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February 16, 2021

Creating a Revolution Through Collaboration - corevo

Delivering innovation through collaboration

To further promote greater collaboration with a variety of businesses in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the NTT Group has adopted the unified brand name of "corevo" for all of its initiatives that utilize the various AI-related technologies that the group has developed through its R&D.

The brand name expresses our desire to innovate together with others through collaboration ("collaborative revolution"). corevo provides AI technologies that can substitute for and assist with certain human activities to complement and enhance human capabilities.

Going forward, the NTT Group will utilize corevo across multiple sectors to create new value in collaboration with its partners and the local municipalities.

corevo Logo

Revolutionary technologies offered by corevo

In the fast growing field of AI technologies, the NTT Group has delivered results that lead the world in areas such as various types of Japanese language analysis as well as speech and acoustics processing.

1. Voice recognition technology that was recognized as offering the world's highest accuracy at an international technology assessment event

At the 2015 edition of the CHiME-3 Challenge, an international technology assessment event, NTT came first among the 25 participating teams for having delivered the highest accuracy with its proprietary new voice recognition technology based on distortion-less voice enhancement and deep learning.

2. Natural language and knowledge processing technologies backed up by over 40 years of accumulated research results

NTT has been participating in an AI project being run by the National Institute of Informatics called "Can a Robot Get into the University of Tokyo?" We are responsible for handling the English section of the various exams, which is the weakest subject for computers because it requires deductions to be made based on common sense. Taking full advantage of NTT's natural language and knowledge processing technologies, we managed to get an above-average score in 2014 in the very first mock test we attempted.

3. NTT's research into human sensory information processing, which has been selected as an outstanding Japanese content technology

NTT has been conducting research into human sensory information processing for many years. Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) selected the following two technologies, both of which were developed through this research, as outstanding content technologies for Innovative Technologies 2014 and 2015: Buru-Navi 3 (which creates the sensation that you are being pulled along when you hold it) and HenGenTo.

Working with the four AI technologies that constitute corevo

The NTT Group positions the four AI technologies listed below as the constituent parts of corevo.


AI that understands human intentions and emotions and plays a key role in contact centers and support for the elderly


AI that helps to improve sporting skills and mental wellness and sheds light on the true nature of humanity


AI that lies at the heart of healthcare and traffic control and, as the brains behind the IoT, manages intelligent sensors


AI that supports mega-systems, such as total optimization on a global scale, by using super-distributed real-time processing

Expanding corevo to actualize its four AI technologies

With the aim of actualizing the four AI technologies that form the basis for corevo, we are actively incorporating not only the latest NTT Group technologies, but also the latest outside technologies. One example of this is the utilization of the latest big data-based deep learning technology from Preferred Networks, Inc. To develop a technology that is able to instantly locate a person with any attributes in real space, we are working to improve the technology's detection accuracy and processing performance.

Facilitating collaborations with corevo

Through our corevo-based initiatives, we are working together with municipalities and various local businesses involved in sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, and medical care. By tackling themes such as resolving social issues and strengthening industrial competitiveness in the age of IoT and big data, we aim to achieve a stress-free, safe and affluent society.

corevo-based initiatives in a broad range of areas

As part of their global activities, NTT Group companies will be with their overseas counterparts to employ corevo in a variety of situations and fields.

In the field of business, we employ corevo for the efficient control of costs by using it to substitute for and assist with operations carried out at contact centers and teller windows, as well as screening, analyzing and monitoring duties. In the field of traffic, we apply corevo to implement traffic control activities to help ensure that driving is an accident-free, stress-free and safe experience. In the field of infrastructure, we use corevo as part of our efforts to improve the efficiency of network system operations.

We also pursue various corevo-based initiatives in a broad range of other areas, including an initiative for extending healthy life expectancy in a society with an ultra-low birth rate and rapidly aging population as well as a service that facilitates communication with natural voice interaction.

corevo case studies

Currently, corevo is used in variety of fields. Some of the corevo initiatives that are already underway in the fields of business, traffic, infrastructure, healthcare and life support are described below.


One of our initiatives makes use of Agent-AI, which understands human intentions and emotions, to improve business screening in the finance sector and enhance the quality of service provided by customer service staff. In another initiative, we conducted field trials on detecting the actions of suspicious individuals and identifying the same persons on different cameras, which we succeeded in doing with a high degree of accuracy. We are developing a video image analysis service that will be ideal for crime prevention and marketing. Furthermore, we are also actively pursuing AI-based services that will assist with the interactive operations and sales activities of financial institutions.


We combine Ambient-AI (which, as the brains behind the IoT, manages intelligent sensors) and a Multi-Agent Simulator (a real-time prediction technology). We aim to utilize AI technologies in various types of social infrastructure, such as in the large-scale optimized control of transportation infrastructure in real time.


We are also developing an image identification system that utilizes deep learning to make identifications based on human-like sensibilities. We will be employing corevo to assist with the operation of customers' network systems, including image monitoring on the Internet.


NTT has combined its proprietary technology for analyzing sensor data using Ambient-AI with "hitoe," a functional textile made by Toray Industries that is able to record the wearer's biological information. We are planning to take advantage of this new technology in a variety of services that use biological information, such as monitoring the elderly to help them enjoy an independent lifestyle, measuring the stress levels of working people and visualizing how the body is used when playing sports.

Life support

Using a natural interaction platform for developing voice interaction services, we are co-developing a platform that will allow us to easily create, among other things, a cloud-based learning system and an automated interactive robot. Also, for the Q&A service "Oshiete! goo" (which is available from the Internet portal site "goo"), we are developing an AI-based service that provides optimal suggestions to people seeking advice. We are also trying to further increase the accuracy with which AI can understand the current condition, attributes and background of the individual person seeking advice.