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A photo of Jun Sawada, President and CEO.

Message from the President

We create innovations to resolve social issues by creating divrsise and inclusive workplaces.

NTT believes that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) can drive innovations, so D&I is positioned as one of the most important management strategy.

NTT has approximately 300,000 employees working in over 90 countries. We try to realize workplaces where each individual has equal opportunities, can feel psychological safety, and can be themselves regardless of ethnicity, race, nationality, origin, class, religion, belief, culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, disease/health status, values, lifestyle, or any other social or personal characteristics, and where each and every one can keep growing (as being ourselves/as the way we are/in our own ways/in our own styles).

We build trust by working and responding with integrity and sincerity, and we connect people, society, and anything possibile through ICT. Our shared values of "Connect", "Trust" and "Integrity" are the foundation values at NTT.

Also, we drive digital transformation (DX) by utilizing RPA. We create work environments more convenient, comfortable and flexible by ICT that supports diverse ways of working, for a diverse group of people, and it increases efficiency and productivity.

NTT will transform itself in response to social and economic changes in its quest to resolve social issues and realize a sustainable society by utilizing a broad range of management resources together with its partners as "Your Value Partner."

President and Chief Executive Officer, Representative Member of the Board
Jun Sawada

Jun Sawada

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