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Active participation for people with disabilities

We are working to create more employment opportunies for people with disabilities and a work environment more disability-friendly.

We have joined The Valuable 500, an international initiative to promote the participation in business of people with disabilities

In December 2019, NTT joined the international initiative The Valuable 500, in order to actively encourage disabled people to attain success in society.

The Valuable 500 was formed in the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (the Davos Conference) in January 2019. It aims for business leaders to conduct reforms that empower disabled people and let them demonstrate their latent business, social, and economic value.

NTT supports the cause of The Valuable 500 and promotes the following efforts:

The logo of The Valuable 500 international initiative

NTT's commitments (region: Japan)

  1. NTT is committed to creating a workplace where each and every employee with disabilities can be themselves and work with peace of mind, under the shared values of Connect, Trust, and Integrity (Diversity & Inclusion, "D&I")
  2. NTT sets targets and promotes activities for the employment of people with disabilities
  3. NTT actively publishes information on efforts for the employment of people with disabilities
  4. NTT develops products that help improve people with disabilities achieve success, thereby ensuring and enhancing accessibility
  5. NTT conducts D&I training, including work to understand the viewpoints of people with disabilities

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Implementing the avatar robot OriHime-D to help people with disabilities achieve success

As part of efforts to promote success for people with disabilities, we worked to conduct tests from February 2020 with OriHime-D, a remotely-operated avatar robot, for its effectiveness in enabling people with disabilities to work as receptionists. We worked on full-scale implementation in July 2020.

To carry out reception work using OriHime-D, we newly hired people with disabilities. Currently four employees with disabilities work in a shift-based system to work as receptionists via remote control. This is the first initiative for people with disabilities to work in the office using OriHime-D.

It is thought that this new form of working by using an avatar robot from a remote location will allow for further employment of people with disabilities, and will expand opportunities for people who have restrictions to be successful. Going forward, we will expand this reception work using the avatar robot and we will consider other applications outside of reception, thereby engaging in efforts to promote diversity and inclusion among people with disabilities and all other employees.

A photo of OriHime-D guiding a visitor to a meeting room

OriHime-D guiding a visitor to a meeting room

Expanding employment opportunities for people with disabilities and implementing projects that build on the strengths of disabilities

NTT established special-purpose subsidiaries to actively employ and expand opportunities for employing people with disabilities, in addition to direct employment. As a result, approximately 3,900 people with disabilities work with us.

We have many projects that build on the characteristics of employees with disabilities. For example, with web accessibility diagnoses, employees analyze accessibility issues with websites and present reports that suggest improvements in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). People with disabilities deliver lectures in disability study sessions, and we operate a portal site called Yu Yu Yu that serves to help disabled and elderly people.

In addition, employees with disabilities work in monitoring and consulting for universal design, such as by verifying technologies and services from the perspective of people with disabilities in coordination with NTT Laboratories. Employees with disabilities also take charge of some of the crucial tasks at NTT, such as work related to facilities at NTT EAST.

We also carry out management study sessions for able-bodied employees to show how lively employees with disabilities work at special-purpose subsidiaries and teach management that utilizes their characteristics, leading to reforms to work styles and diversity management.

Also, special-purpose subsidiaries at NTT offer openings for people with disabilities who are looking for full-time employment, in order to promote people with disabilities in achieving success within society. For details on employment, please see the websites of these special-purpose subsidiaries.

Special-purpose subsidiaries at NTT(as of September 30, 2019)

Company name Nature of business

Special-purpose subsidiary at NTT

Main services: Web accessibility diagnoses; operating Yu Yu Yu, a portal site that delivers useful information to people with disabilities; consulting on the employment of people with disabilities; disability study sessions; making products using handmade paper produced from recycled paper; office massages; business card production; contract work issued by NTT

Special-purpose subsidiary at NTT WEST Group

Main services: Operating a portal site (Dream Arc); web accessibility diagnoses; sales activities such as promoting the maintenance and support services at NTT WEST; facility maintenance such as aggregating data on electricity usage at NTT WEST buildings; support for common services; consulting, and other common services

Special-purpose subsidiary at NTT DATA CORPORATION

Main services: Website construction; web accessibility diagnoses; business card production; simple on-demand printing and bookbinding; maintenance of rental plants; used paper collection; massage services within NTT DATA CORPORATION; offering labor in pasture and farms; processing produce

Special-purpose subsidiary at NTT DOCOMO Group

Main services: Cleaning services for buildings; employee training sessions about people with disabilities; support for employing and retaining people with disabilities

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At NTT CLARUTY CORPORATION's Enzan Factory in Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, people with intellectual disabilities work in manufacturing. This facility was established in June 2011 and its employees has increased from 28 to about 50 since then.

The factory produces desktop calendars, novelty product sets, memo cards, and other paper products using handmade paper created from recycled paper cartons.

It also works to develop new products, such as machine-sewed pen and card cases as well as notepaper and paper envelopes made from handmade paper.

Going forward, we will provide services and create a work environment so that people with disabilities can display their abilities, thereby creating more jobs.

A photo of employees working at NTT CLARUTY Enzan Factory