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Diversity and Inclusion

NTT believes that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) can drive innovations, so NTT position D&I as one of the most important management strategy.


CEO Message

We strive to solve social issues by utilizing a diverse range of human capital and by producing innovation in new areas.

Examples of NTT's initiatives

Examples of initiatives for diversity and inclusion at NTT, where some 300,000 employees work in over 90 countries.

Systems and structure

NTT is promoting a deeper understanding of work-life management across all workplaces and is fostering a culture for accepting a wide range of work styles.
To further promote work-life management, we have implemented many useful systems to cover different life events.

Diversity Data

Find data related to the diverse work styles at NTT, and information on personnel and labor affairs.

External evaluation

NTT's proactive efforts have been recognized, and we have been awarded the certificates shown below.

What is Diversity & Inclusion

"Diversity & Inclusion" is a collective term referring to efforts for people to respect and acknowledge each other's individuality and demonstrate their own skills, regardless of race, nationality, religion, creed, culture, birthplace, level of ability, gender, sexual preference, or gender identity.

"Diversity" is synonymous with "variety." In business, it is associated with utilizing a wide range of human resources. "Inclusion" is synonymous with "encompassing." In business, it is associated with a situation where all the employees within a company have opportunities to participate in work, and where their experience, abilities, and ways of thinking are acknowledged and utilized effectively.

NTT understands that innovation is produced by utilizing a diversity of human resources, and NTT positions diversity and inclusion as a key business strategy.