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Shareholders' Meetings

Last updated : August 2, 2019

Primary concerns of shareholders and basic approaches of the company at the 34th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

1. Businesses That We Are Focusing on, and Profit Targets for Those Businesses


We want to comprehensively develop both domestically and abroad, with the two business segments of telecommunications services and information systems as our main pillars. We call these businesses our B2B2X business, and we have set a FY2023 sales target of ¥600.0 billion. With this target as an initial benchmark, we are striving to expand our business areas by further strengthening the capabilities of NTT Group as a whole.

2. Support for 6G and Other New Telecommunications Technologies


We have been advancing research on new telecommunications technologies based on photonics technology (optical (transmission)-related technology that NTT has long been accumulating), which we have introduced through our recently announced network concept, "IOWN." Going forward, we will continue to pursue technology that is high-volume, low-latency and energy efficient, and will work towards the development of next-generation technology beyond 5G.

3. Forecasted Results Based on Trends in the Mobile Communications Market


NTT DOCOMO introduced new billing plans in June 2019 in order to strengthen its competitiveness and to maintain and expand its customer base in advance of the entry of new business operators into the market. As a result, NTT DOCOMO's profits will initially decline, but NTT DOCOMO is aiming to increase profits, by working to improve profitability through the expansion of new growth areas such as the Smart Life business and through cost reductions. In addition, each of our group companies is also undertaking initiatives to increase profits, and NTT, as a consolidated company, is aiming to set FY2019 as a baseline and to restore profitability as soon as possible.

4. Connection between the Stock Prices of NTT DOCOMO and NTT


The mobile communications business is a core business area that accounts for approximately 60% of our consolidated operating profit, and we believe that market trends in that area have a certain impact on NTT's stock price. On the other hand, we also believe that NTT Group operates in a wide range of businesses, including fixed communications services and information systems, and our stock price is affected by a variety of factors, including the market environments and business trends for each of those businesses. Going forward, we will further strengthen the capabilities of NTT Group as a whole in order to achieve our medium-term financial targets, and aim to improve our corporate value.

5. How to Achieve EPS (Earnings Per Share) Targets


With a fundamental principle of improving our businesses results and increasing profits, while at the same time flexibly conducting share buybacks, we are aiming to achieve the EPS target set forth in our medium-term management strategy (EPS growth of +50%).

6. Approach to Shareholder Returns


We identify the implementation of steady dividend increases as a fundamental policy, and also plan to carry out share buybacks flexibly to improve capital efficiency. In addition, in FY2018, we again increased our dividends by ¥30 over the previous fiscal year (for an aggregate annual dividend of ¥180).

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